Fix an Android Hotspot That Keeps Turning Off

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A simple and convenient way to share your phone’s internet connection is by using the mobile hotspot feature. However, for some Android users, the hotspot repeatedly turns off for no obvious reason.

If you’re experiencing this problem, I’ve created this troubleshooting guide for you. In this article, I’ll show you how to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off and what you can do to prevent it. 

Fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off with these troubleshooting hacks

How Can You Fix An Android Hotspot That Keeps Turning Off?

There are numerous possible causes for when your Android hotspot refuses to stay on. But regardless of the cause, here’s how to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.  

First, make sure your device has a reliable cellular network or reception before making any settings adjustments. If your Android device does not have an active cellular or internet connection, Mobile Hotspot may turn off automatically. Also try setting your device to airplane mode for a few minutes before turning it off.

Also, Android hotspots can only tether cellular data. Connecting to Wi-Fi can disrupt the hotspot connection, so turn off Wi-Fi when your hotspot connection is on.

Try the suggestions I outline below after you’ve tried all of the above to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off without success.

Restart your Phone

A restart stops all apps and services that are running in the background. This can work to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off, so let it be one of the first fixes you try before you troubleshoot further.

Disable the Automatic Disable option for Your Android’s Hotspot

Most phones have the option to switch off your hotspot automatically, and it is enabled by default. Leaving this option enabled isn’t necessarily a bad idea because it’s easy to forget to turn off the hotspot when you’re finished with it.

It can, however, disrupt a hotspot connection if you want to keep it connected for an extended period of time. So it’s something worth considering if you want to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.

Although disabling this option is straightforward, you may need to search because many Android phones have it located in a different section.

For instance:

  • If you own a Pixel, you’ll find the option by navigating to Settings > Network & Internet > Hotspot and Tethering > Wi-Fi hotspot > Turn off hotspot automatically
  • On other models, the quickest way to find it is to search for terms like “turn off hotspot” or some variation of it in the phone settings. 
  • Disable the option when you find it and check if it works to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.

Increase the Allowed Data Limit

Some Android phones allow you to manage data usage on hotspot connections. For instance, if you’ve specified a 1GB limit, the hotspot connection will turn off automatically once 1GB of data has been exhausted. 

So, if you’d like to keep using the hotspot in this case, you must either increase the usage limit or get rid of the limit entirely to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off. If you’re worried about security, there are tips in this guide to secure your phone’s hotspot.

Usually, this setting can be found somewhere in the mobile hotspot settings menu. Like the previous fix, the exact name and location of this option may not be the same across Android models. But it’s usually referred to as a “data restriction” or “data limit.” 

You’ll see the option to Set mobile data limits in the Configure Mobile Hotspot settings on Samsung phones. After you’ve lifted the restriction, try again to see if you’ve been able to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.

Turn off Battery Saving Mode

Mobile hotspot connections deplete your phone’s battery. Now, everything that consumes too much power, including the mobile hotspot, is usually turned off in battery-saving mode. Therefore, disabling battery-saver mode could help you fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.

Similar to other options, you can find the battery saver or power saving option in phone settings by searching for phrases like “battery saver” or “power saving“. It’s usually found under Settings > Battery. Check to see if disabling the option is helpful.

Update your Android

If you haven’t updated your Android OS in a while, this could be the reason for the issue. Try checking for new updates; it might help fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off.

To install any new updates, Go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update to see if your phone needs any updates. You’ll see it under Settings > Software update > Download and install on Samsung mobile devices.

Reset the Network Settings

This is the last fix I have for you in this guide. Consider resetting your network settings if none of the other techniques have worked to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off. 

On a Samsung phone, the option to reset network settings is located in the Reset Settings section. However, on a Pixel, it is located in Settings > System > Reset Options, where it is called Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, & Bluetooth.

You may be required to enter your phone’s PIN before resetting the network settings. Check to see if the hotspot connection remains active after you’ve reset the network.

To summarize, It’s pretty straightforward to fix an Android hotspot that keeps turning off. Hopefully, one of the solutions I described above helps you do this easily so you can use your hotspot uninterrupted.

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