Google Play Store Gets A New Feature, Now Has Its Own Dark Mode Setting

American tech company Google is extremely popular for their smartphone apps and have now opted to give a new look to one of their most used apps currently: the Google Play Store.

This new option lets you toggle between the regular display for the Google Play Store outlook and a more sinister all dark mode.

Google playstore logo

This can be particularly useful for when you want to check up a number of apps on Play Store in places with limited lighting and this setting does not affect your Android’s home screen. Google play now offers users three choices of display themes: a dark mode, a light mode and one that matches the system settings. This means you can set your Google Play Store on dark mode every time and not only when your device is on dark mode.

To select which mode you will love to enjoy Google Play in, go to SETTINGS then proceed to the THEME section. The updates are currently rolling out now, so if you are yet to see it, you may need to wait a couple of days for it.

For the time being, this new look Google Play Store is only running on devices with Android 10 OS, but is expected to get to a number of more devices in the coming days.

With this new look from Google on their Play Store app, this will protect users’ eyes especially in low-light conditions, as they will not need to strain in the dark to check up for apps on the Google Play Store.



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