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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series Struggling With Sales, Poor Early Returns Blamed On Coronavirus Outbreak

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x super Resolution Zoom - digital zoom or optical zoom
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Tech company Samsung have recorded lower sales than estimated with the S20 series in South Korea. The tech firm is blaming the present poor performance of their flagship devices on the market on the recent outbreak of COVID-19 virus.

It will be recalled that early in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series was reported to have sold 140,000 units on just the first day. However, with almost two weeks since the unveiling of the S20 series, the smartphones have sold just 70,800 units in this period.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x super Resolution Zoom - digital zoom or optical zoom

Although still too early to describe the series as a “flop”, the Samsung S20 series have had its fair share of struggles, with some reviewer complaints regarding the camera quality earlier on. Samsung released a number of updates to help out with the camera performance and a number of other early glitches noticed in the flagship devices.

Samsung have however pointed to the low number of shoppers in stores due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak as the one of the reasons behind the present poor sales. With the COVID-19 still very much on the loose, Samsung will have to find ways to make up for the early low sales, especially as the S20 series is yet to launch in certain markets that are still COVID-19 free as at the time of this article.

The low initial sales of this S20 will definitely hurt Samsung’s roadmap for the year, but its still early days for the flagship series, as we expect a spike in sales once the COVID-19 has been properly handled.



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