Google Play Store: The safest place to download Android apps

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Do you ever wonder how apps on Google Play Store are considered safe? Why is it recommended to download apps only from the Store? A lot of people download their apps from anywhere. Some even get them from other people via various file-sharing platforms. However, Google Play Store is the safest place to download apps from. This is because Google takes user security very seriously.

We all know that malware and viruses are rampant on the Internet. In fact, cyber criminals have become much better at disguising their malware as innocent-looking apps. It is almost always impossible to know if any software you download from anywhere will cause damage to your device, until you download that software. By then, however, it would be too late. Therefore, it is imperative that users only download files from trusted sources; in fact, you should only visit secure sites, whether you browse with your phone or with your computer.

Google Play Store is the safest place to download apps on the Android platform. this is because Google encrypts user data like no other. In 2014, Android Lollipop came with high-level encryption by default. Although not many users enjoyed the benefits of this encryption, it was there. This encryption has been present in all the subsequent Android versions.

Google Play Store is the safest place to download Android apps

Furthermore, Google has various security services to help manage the Android platform. Google employs a myriad of devices and features to keep the Android platform safe. Also, there are periodic updates to the operating system. The updates contain security patches, which deal with new threats as they come.

The most important part of the Google Play Store security is the ability to identify problematic apps and developers. They do this before these apps become a problem to users. This is achieved through looking into various aspects of the business, customer feedback, app behaviour, and software code. This information is compared with that of known problematic apps. If too many similarities come up, they red-flag the app.

Google puts user security first in all they do. This is why the Play Store is the safest place to download apps on the Android platform. So, next time you want to download an app, check the Play Store first.

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