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How to Access iCloud on Android Phones

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For many users, iCloud is a fantastic tool for keeping all of your Apple devices’ email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and photographs synchronized. Sadly though, Apple doesn’t always get along with other operating ecosystems, so what happens to all your personal data if you decide to go from using an iPhone to an Android device?

Fortunately, there is a solution to this and there’s a way to access iCloud on Android phones. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily access iCloud on Android phones so that you have access to relevant data.

How to access iCloud on Android smartphones.

How Can I Access iCloud on Android Phone after Switching from iPhone?

It is very natural if you’re hesitant to go from an iPhone to an Android device since there is hardly any cross-compatibility between these two systems. If one of your worries is that you won’t be able to access iCloud on Android phones, there’s no cause for alarm.

On Android devices, a significant percentage of iCloud is actually accessible via your web browser. Any of the currently popular browsers should work for this. All you have to do is visit iCloud and log in with your Apple ID.

You can use Apple Mail, notes, reminders, and pared-down versions of Pages and Numbers from this site. This fundamental level of capability is helpful to access iCloud on Android phones, especially if you typically switch often between an iPhone and an Android.

Furthermore, if you want to specifically access iCloud on Android phones because of important personal data, we’ve described how to achieve this below.

How to Access iCloud Emails on Android Phones

One of the most important data that could bring up the need to access iCloud on Android phones is emails. Luckily, you can set up the Gmail app, which is typically preinstalled on every Android smartphone, to access your iCloud email account. You can also access iCloud mail on Android phones with other email apps besides Gmail.

You’ll need to first create an app password for your iCloud email. To do this:

  • Go to the Apple ID page and log in. Click App-specific passwords on the Sign-in and Security page.
  • Next, on the pop-up, select Generate an app-specific password.
  • In iCloud, create an app-specific password.
  • After you’re asked to provide a password description, do so and click Create.
  • You’ll need the password shortly, so write it down.

Afterward, on your Android device:

  • Tap the symbol for your email profile in Gmail (this should typically be a company logo or profile picture).
  • To add another account, scroll down.
  • Next, input your iCloud email address after selecting Other.
  • Then, type in the newly-created password

The rest is up to Gmail at this point. Your iCloud mail account will appear in the Gmail app a short while later. Now, you can access your iCloud emails on your Android phone and respond to any messages.

How to Sync iCloud Contacts to Android Phones

Another major reason you’ll need to access iCloud on Android phones is so you can get your iCloud contacts. 

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to sync iCloud contacts to Android, follow these steps:

  • Use your iCloud email login information to access the iCloud website in a browser on your computer.
  • Click Contacts afterward, then select the gear icon.
  • Choose each of your contacts; you can also select a specific group by pressing CTRL as you left-click).
  • Select Export vCard by clicking the gear button once again.
  • On your PC, save the file.
  • Open in your computer’s browser and log in using the Google account you use to access your Android phone.
  • Click Import on the left and navigate to the vCard file.
  • The contacts will be added and start syncing to your Android smartphone once you click Import.

Copy the vCard file to your Android device or tablet (you could use a USB cable or cloud sync) if you don’t use Google Contacts (for example, you use the Samsung equivalent), then import it into your Contacts app.

How to View iCloud Photos on Android Phones

Anothe common reason that could make you need to access iCloud on Android phones is if you’d like access to your iCloud photos. Although there isn’t an iCloud app for Android phones, you may access all of your old iPhone’s images on an Android device by visiting the iCloud website.

As described previously, all you need to do is access the site through your preferred Android browser to see them on the web app. You can browse and even download the photographs here.

  • Tap Select in the Photos view.
  • Tap Select All next.
  • Click on the button with three dots.
  • Select Download, then click it once more to confirm.

In summary, it’s easy to access iCloud on Android phones as long as you’re guided by the right instructions. If you want, you can also access other forms of relevant personal data like notes, calendars, etc, simply by following our instructions to access iCloud on Android phones. 

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