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How to Know When to Upgrade your iPad

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Not sure if you're ready for your next iPad? Here's how to know when to upgrade your iPad
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Not unlike many people, you may not exactly know when to upgrade your iPad. iPads can be durable and last for years, and Apple continues to issue security fixes and important software updates. These updates keep iPads current and enable them to perform professional, personal, and creative duties. 

Unfortunately, despite these updates, your iPad won’t last forever. After a certain period, an iPad will no longer be able to perform certain functions. As such, I’ll demonstrate ways to know when to upgrade your iPad in this article.  When you see these signs, just know it’s time to begin your search for a new device.

Not sure if you're ready for your next iPad? Here's how to know when to upgrade your iPad

How Can You Know When to Upgrade Your IPad?

Although iPads don’t have a defined lifespan, there are several warning signs that indicate it’s time to upgrade. To help you get the most out of your tablet experience, here are several ways to know when to upgrade your iPad.

iPad OS Compatibility Issues

All operating systems need regular updates for security patches, addition of new features, and sometimes removingg old ones. Apple’s iPadOS is no different, so it’s a good way to know when to upgrade your iPad.

If your iPad just cannot run the most recent version of iPadOS, it means you’re missing out on important security updates and useful features. Apple is often generous with fresh software updates for older models. So, if your iPad model isn’t listed as compatible with the latest iPadOS, then it’s probably time to upgrade.

iPad Apps Frequently Crash

New apps and games constantly emerge as new iPad models improve in functionality.  The only way to keep ahead of the curve is to upgrade your device’s software. Unfortunately, as operating systems are updated, older software tend to cease function. 

An app which developers initially created for iPadOS 7 may become upgraded for iPadOS 15. However, if your iPad is unable to run the most recent operating system, you will not receive such updates. This is a useful way to know when to upgrade your iPad, so if your iPad’s apps are frequently crashing and you are unable to update them, prepare to get a new iPad device.

Constantly Runs Out of Space

Running out of storage on your iPad frequently is another way to know when to upgrade your iPad. In some ways, reaching your storage limit once or twice is normal, but if it happens more frequently, you might have a problem. While you cannot increase the capacity on an iPad like you can with an Android tablet, there are many cloud storage options. You can now get up to 2TB of storage with Apple’s iCloud.

It’s time to get a new iPad if storage is an issue and the typical ways to clear your iPad storage haven’t worked. With subsequent generations, Apple frequently increases the internal storage possibilities. For instance, the M1 iPad Pro can have up to 2TB of storage.

Incompatibility of New iPad Accessories

Cases and chargers are common accessories for the iPad. However, if you continue to use your outdated model when Apple updates the iPad’s design, you may run into compatibility problems.

For instance, it could be challenging to locate a genuine Apple replacement if your outdated 30-pin charger gets worn out because most vendors only sell the more recent USB-C charger. The search for appropriate docking stations and speakers is another difficulty.

New cases or screen protectors may also only be compatible with more recent models. Your iPad is certainly getting too old if you encounter such challenges frequently, so keep this in mind as a way to know when to upgrade your iPad.

Battery Performance Issues

All iPads come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that has a long lifespan, but if you’ve ever used a smartphone, you know that the battery loses its capacity with time. Lithium-ion batteries deteriorate with time, and each battery has a limited number of charge cycles. As a result, the older the equipment, the more cycles it has been through. Extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as totally discharging the cell, can all have a negative impact on batteries.

While browsing the web over Wi-Fi, Apple claims that most current iPads have a 10-hour battery life. But if you’re not getting this much use out of your iPad’s battery, it may be time to upgrade your iPad. Or, if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can think about purchasing an iPad battery. 

Unresponsive Hardware Buttons

The hardware buttons on your iPad are another way to know when to upgrade your iPad. Most of Apple’s iPads no longer have a physical Home button. Problems with the volume and rotation controls can be worked around without the Home button, but accessing the Home screen is another story.

You can switch out your faulty Home button for an on-screen substitute by going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Assistive Touch. But keep in mind that sometimes, malfunctioning hardware buttons can be a sign of hardware problems with other components. When the buttons on your iPad become unresponsive, it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced.

Display Issues on the iPad

Older iPads frequently have display difficulties such as dead pixels, lag in touchscreen sensitivity, flickering, and so on. Sometimes the most recent iPad gestures, such as multitasking gestures, may not work. These display issues are useful as indicators to know when to upgrade your iPad.

Of course, you may be able to get the device repaired at an Apple-authorized service location. However, if the problems persist, it’s time to replace the old iPad with a newer one.

To summarize, it’s important to know when to upgrade an iPhone, and I believe you should now understand the signs that help with this. If you notice most of the above indicators on your iPad device, it’s time to upgrade it to a new one.

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