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Between iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro: Which has the better battery life, and which takes better photos?

In the smartphone world, there are two forks – one owned by Apple and the other owned by Google. iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro are the 2021 premium flagship products of these two competitors in the smartphone space. Naturally, there is competition between them. At the very least, you want to know which takes better photos and which has better battery life.


Raw specifications do not always tell the complete story, but with testers and reviewers around the world coming back with their experiences, it is easier to have a picture of what to expect from these two devices.

Which has better battery life, and which has better cameras, between the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro?

iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro: Battery Life Comparison

For the first time in history, Google’s 2021 smartphones pack good battery capacities. The Pixel 5a 5G has a decent 4680 mAh battery and has the best battery life of any Made by Google smartphone ever. The Pixel 6 has 4614 mAh, while the 6 Pro shows up with a massive 5003 mAh battery. That is a solid one.

Apple’s iPhones do not have a history of solid batteries either. The coincidence. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has come to the fight with a 4352 mAh battery. It is a respectable one, considering the paltry battery capacities we have seen in previous generations of iPhones.


Looking at the raw figures of 5003 mAh versus 4352 mAh for the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro respectively, the layman would be forgiven for thinking this automatically means that the Pixel has better battery life. But battery capacity alone is not the determinant of battery life. Other factors like screen size, resolution, and refresh rate, processor, and network capabilities also contribute to a device’s battery life.

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Which is where real life usage and tests come to play. And the feedback from testers and reviews globally are all in favour of Apple’s 2021 champion, the 13 Pro Max. It has much better battery life than Google Pixel 6 Pro. Surprise! Surprise!!

What are the figures? Using GSMArena’s tests, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has an endurance rating of 122 hours, against the Pixel 6 Pro’s 84 hours. That is a massive difference in battery life, and the iPhone easily wins this.


iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro: Photography Comparison

What of camera performance? Which of these two top dogs take better photos? For this, we will depend on the results from DXOmark’s tests. The iPhone 13 Pro Max scores 137, while the Pixel 6 Pro scores 135. That is a difference of two points. In real life, we doubt that many humans will be able to tell any differences in the quality of photos taken by the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro.

In summary, between iPhone 13 Pro Max and Pixel 6 Pro, the former has much better battery life. It also has higher scores for its cameras, though the difference isn’t significant.

We are not sure that anyone will switch from Apple to Google, or vice versa, on account of battery life or of camera performance. It hardly works like that. Ardent fans are usually deeply locked into the respective ecosystems and do not switch easily. So, this comparison is probably for kicks and banter between the respective fanboys and girls.


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There are always odd situations, though, in which someone might actually make a switch based on these criteria. If you are one such person, now you have information to act on. Whichever camp you belong to, and for whatever reason you were interested in this information, Apple has won the 2021 competition. The iPhone 13 Pro Max beats the Pixel 6 Pro as far as battery life and camera performance are concerned.


  • GSMArena’s Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max battery life scores (link)
  • GSMArena’s Google Pixel 6 Pro battery life scores (link)
  • DXOMark camera phone rankings (link)

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