iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X: What’s the difference?

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It is the Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X on this episode of the show. Both were launched in September last year. They share some similarities, including network support, Operating system version, dust/water resistance, Apple A11 Bionic processor and GPU, RAM, cameras, stereo speakers, and fast battery charging, among others. But they also have differences.

We pitch the two phones against one another to help you have a clear picture of what they offer and which is your preferred option. Let’s go!

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X

Display: The iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller display (5.5 inches, IPS) than the iPhone X (5.8 inches, Super AMOLED). In addition, the X has a higher screen resolution as well, so all in all, you have a better display on it. That does not mean the iPhone 8 Plus display is bad. Far from it. It is a great display. The X is just better.

Size And Design: While the iPhone 8 Plus has the smaller display of the two, it is bigger in size than the X. It is taller and wider. The reason for this is clear: the iPhone 8 Plus has the traditional iPhone design with a Home button that houses the fingerprint scanner. The iPhone X has an edge-to-edge display and has no Home button.

Of course, the iPhone X is the better looking of the two devices.

Biometrics: The iPhone X has FaceID, but no fingerprint scanner, while the 8 Plus has the traditional iPhone front-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Battery: The X also has a slightly larger battery capacity – 2716 mAh, while the Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a 2691 mAh battery.

iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X

Whichever you choose to go with between iPhone 8 Plus and X, this is a great time to make your purchase, as they are both available at bargain prices now.

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