Apple iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Which is better?

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iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Apple has not really changed the design in the XS from its predecessor, the now discontinued iPhone X. They are similar and identifying one from the other is not easy.

Nothing stops in this fast-paced world. We see technological improvements every year. Life has become easier and entertainment more abundant. Mobile phone companies come out with new models with added features and improved performance. Apple is known to launch their handsets in and/or around September. This isn’t new to those who follow Apple and get their gadget every year.

Apple iPhone X vs iPhone XS

The launch of a new phone comes with debates and comparisons. This is not just apple against other Android supported devices. Comparisons have always been drawn between the newly launched models and the ones from last year. Apple’s IPhone X and IPhone XS Max are available since September 21, 2018.

Looking to get a new phone? Stick between what to buy? Still trying to decide whether IPhone X is better than the newest IPhone XS? Read on and get the answers you seek.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Design and durability

Apple has not really changed the design in their new IPhone XS. They appear to be similar and identifying one from the other is not very easy. Both, X and XS, come with an OLED screen size of 5.8 inches. The Body for of these models is glass and will need the protection of a case/cover. While IP X is available in space grey and silver, XS is also available in gold color.

IPhone XS comes with a thicker glass body so, it proves to be slightly tougher than the previous generation IPhone X. The new XS also comes with a slightly higher IP68 rating. Meaning? IPhone XS has a little more durability when exposed to water.  IPhone X Can safely be used up to one-meter deep water for up to half an hour. The XS can survive up to two meters for the same duration.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Performance and Processor

Apple made some performance improvements in IPhone XS. IPhone X came with an A 11 processor. The XS comes with a much faster and presumably more efficient A12 Bionic processor. It is claimed to be 15% faster and 40% more power efficient than its predecessor.

A12 Bionic processor has an improved Neutral Engine. It is better equipped to support gamers with graphical improvement along with augmented reality features. Apple has also managed to put in an extra 1GB RAM in the XS. This 4 GB RAM should enable easy multitasking.

IPhone X certainly handled everything well. The new XS is improved and better enabled to handle whatever is thrown its way. Despite the new gamed testing raw power of these machines, Apple claims XS will be able to load apps 30% faster than the older X.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Battery life and charging

IPhone historically has lagged on the power bank. Battery capacity has been a bit of a challenge for Apple. This is one area where XS has taken a step back from IPhone X. The new XS come with 2658 mAh battery which is slightly less than the X.

Wireless charging has been a key feature of the smartphones. The X charges to 7.5W using Qi-standard (capable of up to 15W). Though no figures were released, Apple claims “faster wireless charging”.

Apple has taken their wired charging capacity to a new level. These two are capable of delivering 50% charging in just 30 minutes. The issue, however, is that fast chargers are not included in the box. The fast cost around $75 and will also need a fast charging cable.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Display

There is not much to differentiate here. Both IPhones have a 5.8-inch OLED screen with 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution. They both give sharp, crisp and accurate colours. The screen is wide with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The screen to body ration at 82.9% is still amongst the highest.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Camera

IPhone X was impressive with its dual lens camera. IPhone XS carries this legacy and comes with two 12 megapixel lenses, both equipped with OIS (optical image stabilization). One has a f/1.8 aperture and the other comes with f/2.4 aperture with up to 2x optical zoom.

These cameras capture images but are still behind in light photography. They are particularly good at taking portraits shots with blurred backgrounds. IPhone XS also allows adjusting the depth of field after taking the short. Apple claims the XS camera sensors to be twice as fast as its predecessor.

TrueDepth support enabling Face ID in IPhone X has continued in the new XS. This also allows Animojis and Memojisto work as well. With a few upgrades in the XS, Face ID works slightly faster in IPhone XS.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Software and updates

The Apple IPhone XS is launched with the latest iOS 12, while IPhone X was launched with the iOS 11 which can easily be upgraded to iOS 12. Apple regularly releases updates, and both can be upgraded easily. IPhone XS, however, should be able to receive updates as long as it is a newer version.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Features

TrueDepth enabled front facing camera is an exciting feature. It enables the XS to scan your face even in the dark. This technology has also helped Apple to read facial expressions to animate fun creatures in the shape of Animojis or Memojis.

IPhone XS has a dual SIM feature. This is the first time that Apple has launched a phone that supports two SIMs simultaneously.

iPhone X vs iPhone XS: Storage and Price

IPhone XS is one of the most expensive IPhones ever made. IPhone X topped at $1149 for the 256GB variant. XS, on the other hand, offers space up to 512 GB at a staggering $1449. Here’s a small analysis giving you an outlook of per GB price for IPhone XS.

  • 64GB: $999 or $15.61 per GB
  • 256GB: $1149 or $4.49 per GB
  • 512GB: $1359 or $2.65 per GB


Apple has certainly made improvements in the new IPhone XS. This makes it slightly better than IPhone X. The tweaks and improvements boost the performance and make IPhone XS a little more reliable than its predecessor. The difference may not be massive, but XS does seem to be slightly better than the older IPhone X.

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