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Confirmed: iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Works with iPhone X

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The newly announced iPhone XS Smart Battery Case, which supports AirPower Wireless Charging Mat, will actually work with the iPhone X as well, though Apple is trying to keep that information from you.

At the beginning of this week, Apple launched a smart battery case for the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. The listing of this product on Apple’s website mentioned support for AirPower Wireless Charging Mat for a while before Apple removed that information.

The listing on the Apple website reportedly read, “The Smart Battery Case is compatible with AirPower Wireless Charging Mat and other Qi-certified chargers,” before it was expunged.

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case

The AirPower Wireless Charging Mat has not been launched yet. Apple has already failed to meet up with a previously announced 2018 launch date. The wireless charging mat is now being expected to arrive later this year.

Meanwhile, based on information from Apple, users of the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case can expect 47% to 75% percent longer Internet browsing times when using the case than when not using it.

Using iPhone XS Smart Battery Case with iPhone X

Thanks to this tweet, we can confirm that the iPhone X can use the case, even though it isn’t designed specifically for it. The iPhone X and XS have similar physical dimensions. So, the X fits snugly into the case, like this:

iphone XS smart battery case on iphone x twitter user rene ritchie

According to Rene, you may get a warning that the accessory is not compatible with the phone, but it is safe to dismiss it. You might also need to reboot your iPhone or update the iOS software version to iOS 12.1.3 (beta version).

Lastly, and perhaps more importantly, Rene pointed out that the loudspeaker and microphone grills of the iPhone X are not aligned with the slots in the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case.

If music and audio are important to you, you might want to keep off from using the case with your iPhone X.

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case

This misalignment of speaker and mic grills may be a key reason why the iPhone X is not stated as being compatible with the new iPhone XS Smart Battery Case on the Apple website’s support page.

iPhone X Max Smart Battery Case and iPhone XR Smart Battery Case

Besides the smart battery case for the iPhone XS, Apple also has battery cases for the iPhone XS Max and XR. Each case will set you back by just $129, should you want one.

There is no official battery case for the iPhone X by Apple, though such cases exist for older models like the iPhone 7, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6S. iPhone X users can pick from a number of 3rd party options available in the market though.

iPhone Battery Woes

It is still a wonder of the world how Apple ignores a well-known problem in the creation of an expensive product, and then turns around to sell an accessory – another expensive product – as the the initial problem. iPhones have had limited battery problems since the beginning of time. But year after year, the same Achilles Heel is built into each new model.

When will Apple iPhones ever have sufficient battery capacity built into them? Your guess is as good as ours.

Waiting For The AirPower Wireless Charging Mat

In the meantime, iPhone users eagerly await the arrival of the AirPower charging mat sometime later this year. It will be capable of charging not just iPhone models but also Apple Watch and AirPods.

The Cupertino giant is yet to announce a launch date for the AirPower charging mat, but info from the grapevine suggests that it is in production already and will hit the market anytime soon.

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