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Is Coronavirus A Distraction From Death By 5G?

is Coronavirus a distraction from 5g
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In the last few days, I have come across varied conspiracy theories about 5G and coronavirus. After having dealt with the one that says Coronavirus is caused by 5G, I ran into another one that says Coronavirus is a distraction from the problems that 5G networks inflict on humans. In other words, Coronavirus was released as a tool to get your eyes off 5G.

I listened to another audio message that claims that Coronavirus is a distraction from 5G. The audio was a disjointed mumbo-jumbo with the speaker rambling from 5G radiation to Trump to China to chips to “5G satellites”, and back again. But the problem is that people believe it and so it must be refuted, if untrue. Is Coronavirus a distraction from 5G? This is the question that this second article of mine in the “Coronavirus series” tackles.

According to this conspiracy theory, 5G radiation is highly harmful to humans and – depending on who you are listening to – will cause sudden deaths or cause cancer and other anomalies in humans and eventually lead to death. But in order to execute the grand plan of rolling out 5G networks around the world, “they” created or released the Covid-19 coronavirus as a distraction and a means to keep people at home while “they” quickly and secretly install those 5G base stations.

Of course, as with most conspiracy theories, nobody knows or spells out who “they” is/are. But “they” are hard at work to impose 5G on all of us even if it kills us. Some of these conspiracy theorists do mention the Illuminati. Yes; that name again. But let’s get down to the meat of this article.

Is Coronavirus a distraction from 5G?

According to this theory, millions of people who are locked down, sitting at home, in countries like Iran, Nigeria, South Africa, etc, are unaware that 5G base stations are being rolled out right now. They will all return to their normal lives later to find out that 5G has come and they have to live and die with the deadly radiation.

is Coronavirus a distraction from 5g

If this does not qualify as the most stupid conspiracy theory of all time, I don’t know what else does. But let us look into it. We shall assume, for the purpose of this argument, that exposure to 5G radiation is indeed dangerous and harmful to human body. What then?

So, because 5G would supposedly cause many deaths, and “they” want 5G rolled out anyway, “they” created something else – a super virus – that would kill more people – much more people than 5G itself would kill? Brilliant. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Never mind that quite a number of countries have rolled out 5G networks exactly the same way they rolled out 2G, 3G, and 4G networks over the years – via transparent open processes. South Korea has. China has. Norway has. The UK has. The USA has. Pretty much, all the most advanced countries in the world have 5G networks rolled out or rolling out before COVID-19 broke out.

“They” releasing a virus to distract people from rollout of 5G base stations does not make sense. “They” engineering a virus to distract people from the alleged sudden deaths and health issues that supposedly come from 5G radiation does not make sense either. Thanks to coronavirus, health facilities in many countries around the world are now overstretched – and that is putting it mildly. No government in their right mind would release COVID-19 on its own people to cover up anything. That’s like taking on cancer to distract from a headache.

The Top 10 Countries By 5G Rollout In Cities

5G services already exist in at least 24 countries around the world [1]. Here is a list of the top 10 countries that already have active 5G operations as of today:

top 10 countries with 5g rollout

  1. South Korea
  2. China
  3. United States Of America (USA)
  4. United Kingdom (UK)
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. Spain
  7. the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  8. Australia
  9. Germany
  10. Romania

Have there been street riots around the world over the installation of 5G base stations? Were there any in the USA? What of China? How about South Korea? The UK? Why would any of these countries need to have people locked at home so as to rollout 5G services?

This conspiracy theory does not make ANY sense at all.  Zero. Zilch. It is the dumbest pile of cow dung that I have heard in ages. And, trust me, I have heard plenty. There is absolutely no reason for any government to impose a highly contagious virus like COVID-19 on its populace in order to distract them from the alleged menace of 5G radiation.

Is Coronavirus a distraction from 5G base station rollout ot possible 5G health issues?

Consider a country like Norway, which is among the countries with the highest quality of life in the world. This is a country that has a sterling record of rooting for the health and wellbeing of their citizens and have systems in place to ensure good health and longevity. According to this theory, the government of Norway, knows that 5G radiation is harmful and yet went ahead and authorised the rollout of 5G base stations and services in their cities?

Norway has been ranked as the country with the highest standard of life [2], and yet they went ahead with 5G rollout – openly, with no distractions and subterfuge needed. Their first 5G tests were run in 2017 and by September 2019, they rolled out. What does Norway need the novel coronavirus as a distraction for 5G for?

Plus, as mentioned earlier, many other advanced nations already had 5G networks rolled out or rolling out before COVID-19 broke out. So who is Coronavirus meant to distract from 5G – the developing nations that do not have 5G services yet?

I promise everyone resident in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun states in Nigeria – all 3 cities that have been locked down to varying degrees right now – that when the shutdown is over, they still won’t have 5G anywhere in their respective states. 5G will still be a long shot in Nigeria. And when the time is right to rollout the technology, there will be a public process that will lead to the emergence of the 5G  networks. And after that, the actual rollout will happen.

As a matter of fact, rather than coronavirus being a distraction from 5G, the COVID-19 outbreak has slowed down rollout of 5G services worldwide, especially in countries that have recorded high cases of infection and so are shutting down cities. Construction engineers and other workers involved are being pulled off work and are sitting at home just like most others are.

Lastly, as with all conspiracy theories, there is no proof supplied by anyone behind it: just stories from imaginations running wild. No-one has a single document showing that indeed any group of powers that be sat down and decided on this and then communicated it around the world to kick it into action. The allure is always about an “elite” group of people with “inside information” that the rest of the world does not have.

The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak is not a distraction for 5G’s possible health problems. It is a real health problem that we all must face and overcome together. The speaker in the audio message talked about how people get infected with Coronavirus when they go in for treatment. Which is odd, because right now, there is no medication available yet for the virus. There is no vaccine either.

Dear friends, keep your thinking caps on. If people are going to come up with conspiracy theories, they need to at least make them worth your time. They need to make them more challenging to see through. This one is so silly that it is insulting to the intelligence. If you had believed it and gotten scared, drop it now. There is nothing to it. You now know better.

Here is my parting shot: do not give in to fear-mongers and conspiracy theorists who delight in working you up into a frenzy.

In my next article in this Coronavirus series, I address the subject of 5G radiation. How dangerous is it? Are we safe? Is there anything we need to do to safeguard ourselves? Do follow MobilityArena on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates, so you do not miss anything.


  1. GSMA Annual State Of The Global Mobile Economy Report: Source.
  2. Quality of Life In Norway: Source.
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