Is Coronavirus Caused By 5G? Here Are The Facts

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Well, I never. Last night, a friend sent me an audio recording of an unnamed pastor preaching “the real truth” of the coronavirus. I listened in shock to the audio as I heard the speaker weave a narrative that coronavirus is really poisoning from 5G radiation. There are a few other conspiracy theories floating round about 5G and coronavirus. The name “Pastor Jonathan” has popped up here and there too. I will address all the different theories one after the other. This first article addresses the question, Is coronavirus caused by 5G radio waves? Let’s look at the facts.

COVID-19 is the specific name of the coronavirus that broke out in a city called Wuhan in China in late 2019. It is important to also note that China’s 5G service providers launched the country’s nationwide 5G network in November 2019. So, it is easy for some to attempt to link the outbreak of COVID-19 to the deployment of 5G networks in China.

Is coronavirus caused by 5G?

Is Coronavirus Caused By 5G Radio Waves?

The argument that 5G radio frequencies are harmful and are behind the coronavirus outbreak flies in the face of available facts.

One, the World Health Organisation and other concerned bodies have all carried out studies that have shown no conclusive evidence that radiation from 5G networks (and indeed any mobile/cell phone networks) cause any damage to the human body. There are concerns, but there has been no scientific evidence.

Two, all available knowledge of physics and electromagnetic waves say that 5G radio waves are safe. I have dealt with this extensively in another article titled, How Dangerous Is 5G Radiation? In this article, we shall stick to the subject of whether 5G is what causes Coronavirus.

Three, some 5G networks run on frequencies that have been used in human communications already for years before now. While it is true that a city-wide 5G network was established in Wuhan, China. But is it true that coronavirus is caused by 5G? Specifically, China’s 5G networks use some of the same sub-6 GHz frequencies that existing 4G networks have used for years. Those 4G networks did not cause COVID-19 back then. Same radio frequencies.

Cities across Europe, Asia, and North America have had active 5G networks for a while now. In Switzerland, Swisscom deployed the first large-scale commercial 5G network in Europe in April 2019. By June 2019, South Korea already had over a million 5G subscribers, yet has a low rate of coronavirus breakout. In the United States of America, mobile carriers like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have active 5G networks in over 100 cities already.

If 5G were responsible for causing COVID-19, as the speaker and others claim, those cities should be experiencing a horribly high number of COVID-19 cases compared to cities where 5G is not present, but that is not the case. Meanwhile, a country like Iran that has no 5G networks, is reeling badly under the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As a matter of fact, 5G connectivity helped China fight againt coronavirus in Wuhan. A 5G network was built into the Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, a 1,000-bed emergency field hospital built from scratch in just 10 days from January to february 2020 and devoted to treating COVID-19 patients. The installed 5G network powers the hospital’s teleconsulting, among other essential services.

China has successfully stemmed the tide of COVID-19 without switching off their 5G networks. If 5G were behind the virus, the first thing they would do would be to switch their 5G networks off, not equip a COVID-19 hospital with 5G technology.

What is 5G - 5g network - when is 5G coming
Is coronavirus caused by 5G?

What Is Coronavirus?

Coronavirues are a family of viruses that cause respiratory diseases and have been around for as far back as 1965. COVID-19 is the youngest known member of the coronavirus family. Others include Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which broke out in 2002, and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), which was first reported in 2012.

So, strictly speaking, COVID-19, the coronavirus we are dealing with now globally, is only one of a family. Coronaviruses are named “corona” because their membranes are studded by spike-like proteins that give them the appearance of a crown.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that is contagious via entry into the human body through openings in the mouth, eyes, and nose. Which is why you are advised to not touch your face without washing your hands thouroughly with soap and water.

Electromagnetic waves do not create or spread viruses. Let me say that again: electromagnetic radiation (which is what 5G is) does not create or spread viruses. Plus, viruses are spread through person-to-person contact, as we see in the case of COVID-19.

Is coronavirus caused by 5G? No; it is not. Electromagnetic radiation does not create or spread viruses.

The summary of the whole matter is that there is absolutely no connection between 5G and Coronavirus. None. Zilch.

Is COVID-19 Coronavirus Airborne?

The World Health organisation says that COVID-19 is not airborne but travels via droplets. Someone talking to you in close quarters can pass on droplets to you. Someone singing, sneezing, or coughing close enough to you can pass coronavirus-infected droplets to you as well, which is why you are advised to keep a distance of at least 1 metre away from others. The farther you can keep away from others, the better actually.

Is There A Cure For Coronavirus?

There’s currently no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19), and there is no proven cure yet. Trial medication already exist and are being tested, but until official announcements are made, for now, COVID-19 has no cure. You must do your best to prevent catching it.

Is COVID-19 A Death Sentence?

Far from it, the COVID-19 coronavirus is not a death sentence. Most people who catch it recover from it,. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have recovered from it. The human body has an amazing self-defence mechanism and it has proven mostly resilient against COVID-19. Unfortunately, the virus has led to the death of several people as well.

One huge danger is that because this is a highly contagious disease, a lot of people get infected at the same time and overwhelm medical facilities. The other big danger is that people with pre-existing medical conditions are often unable to fight the virus off, leading to their death. You are best off preventing the spread of the disease. We all are.

is Coronavirus a distraction from 5g

How To Protect Yourself Against COVID-19 Coronavirus

Thankfully, the preventive measures are basic, though you have to carry them out religiously. Here are the key ways to protect yourself from coronavirus infection:

  1. Wash Your Hands. This is a very basic but extremely effective preventive measure. Do not ignore it. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub. Do this after you touch public surfaces like doors, railings, etc. Do it before touching your face (if you need to). Do it regularly. You can’t wash your hands too much.
  2. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue when you cough or sneeze. Or use your elbow. Avoid using your hand.
  3. Practice physical distancing AKA social distancing. Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell.
  4. Stay at home. This might be hard, but until a vaccine or cure is found, stay at home as much as possible. By all means, avoid crowds and crowded places. That means stay away from stadia, concerts, clubs, church services, and the like. Avoid gatherings of people: crowds are an extremely easy way to get infected.
  5. Self-isolate. If you feel unwell, or if you have been in contact with likely infected persons, or have travelled to a region with a high rate of COVID-19 cases, you need to self-isolate from other people to prevent them from contracting it from you just in case you have contracted the virus.
  6. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean. This leads us back to point one: wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

coronavirus covid-19 map

If you were worried about 5G radio waves giving you the COVID-19 coronavirus, you can calm your nerves now and relax. This conspiracy theory has no merit. I ran a Google search and found that this particular conspiracy theory has a small but vocal following.

We have answered the question, Is coronavirus caused by 5G radio waves? The answer is a big no. It isn’t. Many people who have contracted the virus in hundreds of countries around the world have never been around a 5G tower in their life. The COVID-19 os a respiratory disease caused by a virus and you can protect yourself not by running away from 5G technology but by practicing safe health habits like washing your hands and keeping some physical distance from people.

Update: The 5G/coronavirus conspiracy theories have taken a religious turn, with a number of pastors and preachers now propagating the idea that 5G deployment is part of a new world order that will supposedly see the emergence of the Anti-Christ. I listened to an audio by one Pastor Jonathan, another Pastor Kunle, and also watched a video in which Pastor Chris Oyakhilome spins his version of the yarn. There is another video by one Apostle Suleiman. Some of these men argue that Coronavirus is a being used as a distraction from an agenda to force 5G on people.

We have heard similar things when new technology was developed in the past. All of those who spun conspiracy theories about those technologies back then are using those same technologies today without any scrupples. It is sad and disappointing to see Christian leaders continue to push these narratives that do not help anyone, but rather cause more damage than good. Each time this happens, it feels like the Dark Ages all over again.

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10 thoughts on “Is Coronavirus Caused By 5G? Here Are The Facts”

  1. From what I’ve heard over the years,, South Korea is supposed to have the most advanced internet in the world. That being the case, I would have expected, according to this “revelation”, that COVID-19 would have manifested itself first in South Korea, as they had 5G network pretty much before everyone else.

    I’d like to say there are more questions than answers, but this so-called “real truth” is another one of those things feeding a certain kind of belief looking for a home. Someone sent me a similar clip and I got bored 3 minutes in, too much rambling, don’t have the time or patience to sit through 40 minutes of that kind of thing.

  2. Please send me the Audio by Pastor Jonathan fpr purpose of double checking thanks and God bless.

  3. I agree with the article. Here’s the audio:

    [Link removed. We have a policy of not allowing links to fallacious sources. – Editor]

  4. video was beautiful, yes g5 is related to covid19 to justify the future vaccine of bill gates to control people, reduce population and go against what God created this beautiful world
    God bless us people of the world

  5. Oh wait, I’m confused. How comes all of these religious people have a different spin on the connection between 5G and COVID-19, now it’s Bill Gates and a vaccine?

    Last time I checked, the vaccine was being offered for trial. It has not been approved in or by any country as an acceptable form of treatment. And this has been a recent thing, not something presented to the world two months ago.

    What evidence is there that this particular COVID-19 vaccine – bearing in mind there are others being touted as well – will reduce population in a way that COVID-19, Ebola, Typhoid or a whole host of other illnesses, or even existing flu vaccinations won’t do?

  6. Noni,

    Religious people always have different takes on everything. Church people don’t even agree on the Trinity/Godhead, baptism, faith, healing, miracles, holiness, what to wear, etc. It is confusion galore.

    No surprise they have different spins to this too.

  7. Mister Mobility

    The problem I have is that people are using religion to spread misinformation. In a time of heightened anxiety and fear, every new bit of information in the media now becomes a opportunity for clouding fact with half-truths, and hiding behind supposed “revelations from God”.

    It just looks, from all that’s floating around, like Cambridge Analytica-type manipulation. I wouldn’t be surprised if the initial story was pushed by bots to a certain demographic and rolled on from there. And it’s not too difficult to perceive what the intention is.

    It very much brings to life the Bible passage that says; “The time is coming when people won’t listen to good teaching; Instead, they will look for teachers who will please them by telling them only what they are itching to hear”

  8. Mister Mobility

    I don’t know how to tell you this, but some churches already believe that the COVID-19 lockdown is persecution of and discrimination against “the church”.

    On the other hand, some are embracing technology and finding new audiences since the lockdown in so many countries.

    But will the cost of 4G drop with the introduction of 5G?

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