Is the Nothing Phone 2 available in the US?

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Ever since the release of the Nothing Phone 1 last year, it has been gaining popularity. Now, the company is launching its second flagship smartphone, the Nothing Phone 2, and more American mobile subscribers than ever before are eager to own a Nothing smartphone. While the Phone 1 had its merits, it was not available in the US at launch, which made it difficult for interested individuals to get one in the country.

Nothing technologies was to later make it available in the US via a paid beta program. The program allowed US residents get the Phone 1 with a beta version of Nothing OS for just $299. That beta program ended on June 30, 2023, so you cannot take advantage of it any more. With the launch of the Nothing Phone 2, US fans of the brand are hoping that the Nothing Phone 2 will not have the same fate and look to get their hands on it without jumping through hoops

Nothing Phone 2 available in the US

Is Nothing Phone 2 available in the US?

The good news, as we have already reported before, is that Nothing Phone 2 is available at launch in the US along with a global availability. The US market is getting priority just like other countries around the world. Nothing technologies say they are making the US market the top one for their brand and products. According to the company, the United States already accounts for about one third of Nothing earbuds sales. Clearly, the fan base is strong enough to invest heavily in promoting Nothing phones in the country.

Which U.S. carriers is Nothing Phone 2 supported on?

Although the Nothing Phone 2 is officially available in the US, it is not supported by all major wireless carriers, unfortunately. Nothing says that the Phone 2 is certified to work with T-Mobile and AT&T, two of the largest service providers, but not with Verizon. Of course, you can always try it out and put a Verizon SIM card in the Nothing Phone 2 to see what happens, but there’s no guarantee from Nothing it will work.

You can also expect the Phone 2 to work with any of the MVNOs using T-Mobile and AT&T’s towers to provide cellular service. So, if you are on one of those, you ought to be able to use a Nothing Phone 2 on your carrier.

Price and Release Date of Nothing Phone 2 in the U.S.

The Nothing Phone 2 is available in two colors, dark gray and white, and comes in three memory variants, as listed below with their prices:

  • 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM: $599
  • 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM: $699
  • 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM: $799.

Where to buy Nothing Phone 2 in the US

Nothing Phone 2 is still a niche device, so it may not be available at major electronics retailers like Best Buy or Walmart. Feel free to check around, but one place that you are guaranteed to be able to purchase the Nothing Phone 2 from is the Nothing official website, Preorders started earlier right after the official announcement, and regular sales kick off on Monday July 17, 2023.

The phone arrives with a number of upgrades to its predecessor, including a bigger and better display, a premium flagship processor, and a higher-specc’ed selfie camera, among others. You can go through the detailed specs here.

Early hands-on and detailed reviews of the Nothing Phone 2 have been good, with the smartphone getting commendations. It is safe to say that this is a phone that will sell well both in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Will you be getting one or are you going to pass on it?

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