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Keep Your Devices Safe Today By Avoiding These Sneaky Playstore Apps

Are you always concerned about your device safety and privacy? Do you want to ensure you can keep your device as safe as possible from all kinds of sketchy apps? Are you tired of constantly being interrupted by unsolicited ads when running certain programs? Well, this article is  for you; it lists 16 sneaky Google Play apps to avoid on your device.

On Tuesday, cybersecurity company, Bitdefender, identified around 17 Google Play apps that employ a variety of tricks to show users series of unwanted ads. App developers have come up with various kinds of tricks to effectively evade Google security protections that cover the applications space.

Google Play Logo

This is done by employing certain sneaky tactics like flashing ads at random times and spreading their code across multiple files. As at the time of this article, Google had been notified of these apps “and the reported apps are being taken offline,” according to Bitdefender. Although the apps are not particularly malicious, they smuggle themselves into Google Play and evade Google’s vetting system by using tactics that are more known with malware.

Complaints from certain users said that running these apps drained their cell battery quickly, while also displaying unwanted ads. These apps include:

  1. Car racing 2019
  2. Background 4K HD
  3. 4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)
  4. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro
  5. File Manager Pro – Manager SD Card/Explorer
  6. VMOWO City: Speed Racing 3D
  7. Screen Stream Mirroring
  8. Barcode Scanner
  9. QR Code – Scan & Read a Barcode
  10. Period Tracker – Cycle ovulation women’s
  11. Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD
  12. Transfer Data Smart
  13. Explorer File Manager
  14. Today Weather Radar
  15. Big Fish Frenzy
  16. Clock LED

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