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Lava Z2, Z4, and Z6 announced with personalised options

Lava Z1 Z2 Z4 Z6 announced
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The Lava Z2, Lava Z4, and Lava Z6 have been announced, and they come with options that let you customise and personalise them to your taste.

Almost everyone has a smartphone. While some people will simply follow the trends and purchase any mobile device, others take their time to find the right smartphone for their needs. This means weighing up the factors that matter to them and compromising on a model they like. For some people, this will be having the most advanced camera. For others, they want a large display so that they can watch videos and not miss a thing.

But now you no longer have to compromise when you are shopping for a smartphone. Lava has recognized that people want smartphones to suit their budget and needs. Lava have announced a customizable smartphone range for customers to enjoy. You do not have to sacrifice any of your needs.


Lava Z1 Z2 Z4 Z6 announced

Lava Z2, Z4, and Z6: Made-to-Order Smartphones to Suit Your Needs

Lava is introducing a new Z Series, with several smartphones that a customer can personalize to their needs and enjoy. Not only is this going to be great for ensuring your mobile device has all of the best features you want, but it can also suit you if you are on a budget. In total, there are going to be 66 ways that a customer can personalize their smartphone before they order it. This can be a fun process but also a practical one.

There are going to be three mobile devices that can be customized in several ways. These are the Z2, Z4 and Z6. First of all, buyers can simply choose the size of their smartphone. For instance, this can include having anything from 2GB to 6GB RAM and 32GB to 127GB ROM.

Other features you can choose from include the type of camera your smartphone has. You can choose a dual or triple rear camera and the standard of the front camera too. Customers can even choose the color of their smartphone.

People use their smartphones for a variety of tasks. This can include spending downtime on the Unibet Pennsylvania app; it may include attending Zoom meetings for work, WhatsApping mom, sending emails or just watching the latest blockbuster from Netflix. The Lava smartphone is going to offer the opportunity to suit your every need.

No matter what smartphone you choose from the Lava Z2, Z4, and Z6, it is going to have a 6.5-inch display and it will enjoy Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. In addition, they will have an 8-core MediaTek Helio G35 processor and users can enjoy using Android 10.

Another service that Lava hopes to offer in the future is the ability for users to upgrade their smartphones. In other words, if you purchase one of the smaller smartphones and realize that it does not have enough storage space for all of your needs, you can later upgrade it. This is going to save a lot of hassle.

For instance, if you bought an ordinary smartphone and this happened, you would have to sacrifice your data or purchase more cloud storage. Instead, you can upgrade your smartphone and prevent having to buy a new mobile device or have to use cloud storage.

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