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Introducing Librem AweSIM cellular service, a wireless carrier launched by Purism

Librem 5 AweSIM cellular service
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Purism, the manufacturers of the Librem 5 smartphone, have launched a prepaid, unlimited cellular service designed to work literally out of the box with the Librem 5. The new AweSIM cellular service was designed to protect consumer data from being shared and used by wireless carriers.

The MVNO also provides unlimited Internet service, unlimited voice and text, and you can get a pre-configured Librem 5 smartphone shipped with a SIM card ready to go when you power it on.

Librem 5 AweSIM cellular service

Librem AweSIM cellular service: How it works

Purism’s wireless service comes with the following benefits and features:

  • A phone number registered & operated under Purism
  • It adds an extra layer of privacy to your customer data to protect you from targeted tracking.
  • Unlimited talk time and texts within the USA
  • Monthly unlimited* cellular service over high-speed 4G/4G-LTE data
  • The ability to send texts globally, to over 160 countries at no additional cost
  • Roaming included at no additional cost within the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico
  • Video streaming at full speed
  • Price: one simple fee of $99.00 / month

* As with every other unlimited data service, AweSIM cellular service may throttle your speed to 128Kbps for the rest of the month after you have used 20 GB in a particular month

Owners of Librem 5 will be happy to know that their precious privacy smartphone works out of the box, as the network is preconfigured for it. AweSIM cellular service is available only in the United States of America at this time.

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