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Pure UI is the new user interface for Nokia smartphones

Nokia Pure UI design system
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It looks like anyone who wants stock Android will eventually be left with only one option – Google Pixel phones. Why? All the major phone brands that used stock Android in their smartphones have all discarded it for their own custom user interfaces. Nokia was the last brand standing, and with the introduction of Pure UI, that comes to an end.

What is Nokia Pure UI? It is a new graphical user interface developed by Nokia for their Android phones. It means that when you switch on your Nokia phone in the future, the user interface that you touch, and that you swipe, will look and act differently from what you have been used to up till now.

Nokia Pure UI design system

What is Nokia Pure design system like?

From what I have seen of the images floating around the Web, Nokia Pure has a clean, minimalistic appearance – something that makes me think of what OnePlus’ older OxygenOS looked like. Am I the only one thinking of it that way? Anyway, Nokia says that the new design system will be used not only in their smartphones but other products as well.

Nokia Pure UI icons

The design system will likely have Nokia fans splitting hairs, but like it or hate it, it really is different from anything out there. It is super-minimalistic in a futuristic sci-fi way. Personally, I like what I see now. Hopefully, I will like it also when it shows up live in a Nokia phone.

When will Pure UI show up in Nokia smartphones?

At this time, I have no idea. Nokia has not provided us with dates or a schedule. It might be next month, or a few months, or next year. We will have to wait to hear from the Finnish boys. All we know for now is the name and the fact that Nokia smartphones will give up the stock Android user interface for this. Pretty much go from purist Android software to Pure UI. Was any pun intended?

Will any existing Nokia phones be updated with Pure UI?

Nokia has not said anything, but I doubt it, seriously. It is very likely that to experience the new Nokia Pure design system, you will need to buy whatever new phones it launches with out of the factory. But I might be wrong. Come on, HMD Global; surprise me.

I will update this page with more information and images as they are made available by HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones.

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