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Hilarious phone pranks to play on your friends

Avatar of EmmyCN By EmmyCN Jun30,2017
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If you enjoy pulling pranks on your friends, then you might want to check this out. There are pranks you can pull on your friends using their smartphones. The possibilities are endless. However, remember that every good prank comes with retribution. Also, note that these phone pranks can be played on you too. Here are a few phone pranks you can pull on your friends:


This is one of the most annoying phone pranks, and it is quite hilarious to watch if you are not the victim. Android has some options to help people with disabilities in the Accessibility settings section. When you activate TalkBack, anytime you touch something on the screen, a voice will narrate it. to do this, go to Settings > Accessibility, then tap on TalkBack. Activate it by toggling the switch on. Then tap OK on the popup screen. Now, you can return the phone to its owner and watch them get confused at their talking phone.


A cracked smartphone screen is a heartbreaking sign to some people. Therefore, this makes for a brilliant prank. Note that you do not have to crack your friend’s screen – just download the app called Crack Your Screen Prank. Then, open the app and check the box next to Touch to Crack. Now, go back to the home screen and lock the device. The next time your friend picks up the device, they will see a cracked display. Alternately, you can set this app on your phone to make your friend think they damaged your screen, then watch them awkwardly try to explain themselves.


Here’s a prank that will work on someone that is easy to trick. The prank is all about making the target believe that you can charge your phone by setting it in the sun or by shaking it. If the device is low on battery, tell the person about this cool new app that allows you to charge your phone with sunlight or by shaking it. If they ask you to show them, go to the Google Play Store and download either Android Solar Charger or Shake to Charge.

Now, these apps work in different ways. Android Solar Charger detects when your phone is out in sunlight. After installing it, return the phone to the target and watch them try to charge their phone with sunlight. Of course this would not work. The Shake to Charge app will show you how much battery available. Give the phone to the owner and tell them to shake it. Once they start shaking the phone, the battery will animate to show that it is charging. Now watch them tire out and then check their battery percentage to find out that it has not changed at all.

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