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Is Samsung Galaxy A11 a good upgrade to the A20?

The Galaxy A20 has been popular since its release in 2019 and you like it, but you want a 2020 Samsung phone. Does the A11 measure up? Find out in our Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20 comparison.

There is no question about it: Samsung Galaxy A20 is popular with Samsung lovers looking for a budget smartphone. If you are fixated on Samsung, it offers fair performance without you having to rob a bank. And it has stayed popular till now.

How does Samsung Galaxy A11, released in May 2020, fare against it? Is it a good alternative? Does it offer any cost-to-feature advantages? We figured we could help you sort that out with a Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20 comparison.

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Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20 comparison

Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20 comparison

Below, we scrutinise the core specificatons and features of both smartphones and then help you seive through the nitty-gritties. That’s why we are here, afterall.

Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20 Comparison Table

Samsung Galaxy A11 Samsung Galaxy A20
2G, 3G, 4G LTE 2G, 3G, 4G LTE
6.4 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels, 19.5:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD display 6.4 inches, 720 × 1600 pixels, 19.5:9 aspect ratio IPS LCD display
Android 10 Android 9
Octa-core, 1.8GHz Octa-core, 1.6GHz
8MP selfie camera 8MP selfie camera
13MP + 5MP + 2MP rear triple camera with LED flash 13MP + 5MP rear dual camera with LED flash
32GB internal storage + dedicated microSD card slot (up to 512GB) 32GB internal storage + dedicated microSD card slot (up to 512GB)
4,000mAh battery with 15W fast charging 4,000mAh battery with 15W fast charging
from $143 (₦59,500) $125 (₦52,000)

The Galaxy A11 comes in two memory variants, a base model with 2GB RAM, and a second one with 3GB RAM. Since the A20 has 3GB RAM, we will base our comparisons on the A11 3GB RAM variant, for the puroposes of fairness.

Both phones are, in actual fact, very similar. They are pretty much twins, having mostly the same features and specs, as you can see from the above comparison table.

Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20: Where The A20 Has The Edge

Unfortunately, this is a straightforward case: minus the lower price, Samsung Galaxy A20 does not offer any advantages over its 2020 sibling. Note that it does not yield much grounds either. It stands its ground firmly and unashamedly, but it has nothing to throw at the Galaxy A11.

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 front and back

Samsung Galaxy A20 2019 specs and price


Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20: Where the A11 Has The Edge

The Galaxy A11, on the other hand, offers more up-to-date software out of the box. Its processor is also clocked higher than the A20’s, which should translate to some improved performance in usage, marginal as that may be.

For photography, Samsung Galaxy A11 offers a triple camera at the back, against the A20’s dual camera. The thirs camera is a depth sensor, which should translate to better portrait photos. The A20 lacks this.


Lastly, many people will find the punch hole on the A11’s display fancier and more modern that the waterdrop notch on the A20’s display. But that can be a highly subjective thing.

Samsung Galaxy A11

Samsung Galaxy A11 vs A20: Who Triumphs?

As already mentioned earlier, these two budget Samsung phones are twins, perhaps just not so identical. But they have the same screen size, resolution and type, the same battery capacity and quick charge technology, the same RAM and storage memory, and the same specc’d selfie cameras. They both have a fingerprint scanner at the back as well.


Note that those selfie cameras being 8MP both does not necessarily mean that they take the same quality of photos. Odds are that the A11 has some improvements, no matter how marginal. Still, there is no way for us to tell for sure without an actual shootout between the two.

While the A20 ships with Android 9 out of the box, it has already received the Android 10 update, so that really does not count against it in this comparison.

As such, what you are paying extra for in the Galaxy A11 is the faster processor, triple camera, and the punch hole. Whether or not you think those are compelling enough reasons to spend more is up to you. Seeing as the 2GB RAM variant costs $143, expect to pay as much as $150 for the 3GB RAM variant.


One thing is clear: if you really want to spend as little as possible, Samsung Galaxy A20 is your choice. You won’t be missing out on much. If you really want a 2020 smartphone and are willing to pay more, Samsung Galaxy A11 (3GB/32GB) will pull you in its direction.

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