Save your eyesight; dim your screen with Night Mode and Dimly

A lot of people like to use their smartphones late at night, or when it is dark. The thing is, prolonged exposure to the bright lights of your phone screen is bad for your health. For one thing, it disrupts your sleep cycle, which is a dangerous thing. One way to reduce the effect of the bright screen on your eyes is to reduce the brightness. However, some smartphones have really bright screens, so even the lowest brightness setting is too bright. Dim it further with these two apps, Night Mode and Dimly:

  1. Night Mode: This app reduces the brightness of your screen further than the default Android setting. All you need to do is download and install the app. then launch it, and you will be presented with an option to set your screen brightness. Push the slide backwards till it reaches your desired brightness level, then press Start. It automatically dims your screen.
  2. Dimly: This app works similar to Night Mode. Once you install the app, anytime you launch it, you will see the dialogue box on your Hone screen. You can change the setting by tapping on the down-pointing arrow on the app’s home screen, then tapping on the gear icon. Note that you can adjust the brightness directly from the Home screen.

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