Here’s what to do when you experience Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth audio stutter

Bluetooth connectivity is now a staple for a lot of mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of the feature is that it reduces the amount of cords we have to carry around, which is pretty vital. However, there could be times when you connect your smartphone to an audio playback device, such as a pair of headphones, and you get Bluetooth audio stutter. This can be really annoying. Anyone who uses a Bluetooth speaker or a pair of Bluetooth headphones will tell you that the connection should allow for…

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Smartphone Upgrader 2017 converts your Android phone to an iPhone X

Smartphone Upgrader 2017

There must be quite a number of Android users who would not give up their smartphones for an iPhone at any price However, there surely is quite a number of these same folks who imagine what it feels like to own an iPhone. For these people, it is now possible to use an iPhone without actually letting go of their Android devices. There’s a new app from CODO DODO Damian Piworwarski, which allows users to emulate the screen design of either the iPhone X or the Essential Phone PH-1. This…

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Researchers come up with smart glasses to control your phone

smart glasses

There are several devices which we can use to control our phones. These include smartwatches, Google Glass, and so on. One device that has not caught up is smart glasses. But that has changed now; a group of researchers came up with a pair of prototype smart glasses, which let you control your smartphone or computer. Al you need to do is rub your nose. With these smart glasses you can reject a call, pause a video, skip a song or carry out various other functions. Unfortunately, these smart glasses…

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Blueborne is a new smartphone security flaw that attacks through Bluetooth


While we are looking out for potential ways that our smartphones could be hijacked, and protecting ourselves from these threats, more safety issues keep coming up. There’s a new vulnerability that has been discovered. This time around, the vulnerability is said to be able to infect Android devices with either malware or ransomware through a simple Bluetooth connection. This security flaw is known as Blueborne, and it was discovered by researchers at Armis Labs. The researchers discovered that Blueborne could be used to send and install potentially damaging software without…

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First Touch Soccer is a mobile soccer game that is just as good as FIFA

First Touch Soccer

There are a lot of mobile games on the internet now. A lot of them concern football or soccer as some would call it. However, not all of these mobile games are as popular as the Pro Evolution Soccer series (PES), or the FIFA lineup of football games. However, there are some that are beginning to make a name for themselves due to their intrinsic quality. One of these is known as First Touch Soccer. The first major difference between First Touch Soccer and these other more popular brands is…

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DOOGEE MIX Phone Price and Specifications


Bezel-less smartphones are the rave. The DOOGEE MIX is a 5.5-inch display 4G LTE smartphone in a bezel-less frame made of stainless steel. This means the phone is the size of the average 5-inch smartphone. The display and back of the phone are covered with Gorilla Glass. In addition, there’s a dual camera at the rear end. DOOGEE MIX Phone Price and Specs Wireless Technology and Software GSM: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 4G: LTE frequency bands +…

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