How to increase Android smartwatch battery life: 5 Tips

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If you own an Android smartwatch, then you would now that the battery life is pretty poor. It does not last a day, according to some. Therefore, you might want to know a thing or two about saving battery on your smartwatch. Here are tips to increase Android smartwatch battery life:


Notifications tend to deplete your smartwatch battery fast. Some are quite necessary, but not al of them, as some apps will simply besiege you with notifications. The Block App Notifications manager will allow you to add or delete apps, thus blocking notifications from them. to manage app notifications, launch the Android Wear app on your phone, click on Settings, then open the Block App Notifications option.

increase Android smartwatch battery life


As with all other mobile operating systems, you have the option to automatically manage the brightness of the screen according to your environment. This really drains your battery by constantly testing the surrounding environment and adjusting the brightness. To disable it, go to the app menu, open the watch settings then go to Adjust Brightness. There you can choose your preferred brightness level, and also disable the Auto option.


This mode stops the watch from disturbing you by putting it into semi-hibernation mode. This turns off the screen, and you can only switch it back on by using the power button. To activate it, pull the panel from the top down, then click on the watch icon. Since the watch remains off during this hibernation period, it saves your battery.


Limiting WiFi, NFC or location services also saves battery on your smartwatch. To disable the option, simply enter the app menu, open the watch settings then click on connectivity menu. There you can disable the connectivity option.


This can help increase Android smartwatch battery life. Wrist gestures allow you t scroll through Google Now cards, which requires use of the motion sensor, which in turn requires more power. To disable the option, pull the right drawer on the smartwatch, then open the watch settings. After that, go to Wrist gestures, then turn it off.

Do you have any other tips to increase Android smartwatch battery life? Then let us know about it in the comments.

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