Top Android 10 Bugs and Solutions

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The Android 10 OS was officially released in September of 2019, letting Android users upgrade to a better software on their android devices. This update brought a number of fixes to certain bugs users experienced with the Android 9 OS. 

However, a number of other glitches have surfaced, leading us to write this piece showing some of the top android 10 bugs and how to fix them on your smartphone.

  • Google Assistant Hints icon popping up in the corners of device: While Google Assistant Hints is not necessarily a bad thing, it sometimes interrupts certain users’ operations, as some users prefer their Android displays without these icons. If you recently upgraded your OS and face this issue but want the icons gone, you can try turning off hints icon in Google Assistant. If this does not work, you may also try changing your device’s launcher.
Top Android 10 bugs and their fixes, UMIDIGI A7 Pro Android 10
  • Difficulty in answering phone calls: Another of the top Android 10 bugs Android and Pixel users have faced worldwide, this issue can be rather bothersome, as certain users reported that their devices took as many as two minutes to connect on phone calls no matter the signal strength. Some also reported facing this challenge when answering calls.

To fix this issue, you can try clearing your device’s cache as this may help the situation, if it does not, try updating your device to a more recent Android update.

  • Inability to switch between an eSIM and physical SIM: While this issue is more common among users of the Pixel 2 who upgraded their smartphones, it has the capacity to cut off certain users from the internet. If you own a Pixel 2 and your physical SIM refuses to show up on your device, you can try dialing this code on your phone app to manually switch SIMs and get your physical SIM working again *#*#794824746#*#*.
process system is not responding on Android smartphones
Android OS is the most popular mobile operating system with over 2.5 billion users worldwide
  • Mobile data not working properly: One of the top Android 10 bugs, this Android bug can be rather frustrating for users especially when they are trying to connect to the internet for certain important purposes. The good thing is, this bug can be fixed by taking the right steps.

To do this, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names. From here, you can change the APNs and perhaps get a fix to this issue. If not, you can try updating your device to a more recent OS.

  • Pop-up notifications not working as they should: Pop-up notifications have become really popular and accepted by billions worldwide, as it helps smartphone users switch between apps with relative ease while keeping an eye on things or important messages they may need to attend to. However, a number of users have complained that their devices stopped showing these notifications shortly after updating to the Android 10. If this has ever happened to you, you can try toggling off the adaptive notification settings. Go to Settings > App & Notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Adaptive Notifications > None. You can also try clearing your cache to see if this helps.

While these are a few of the top Android 10 bugs we’ve noticed, you can tell us a number of other ones we may have missed in the comments’ section below.

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