How to Use iOS 16 Photo Shuffle to Customize your Lock Screen

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Photo Shuffle stands out among a vast array of Lock Screen modifications introduced with iOS 16 for iPhone devices. You’ll typically be able to see a variety of photographs on your Lock Screen throughout the day when using Photo Shuffle, sort of like a presentation of your gallery. The photographs that are displayed can be chosen manually, or you can opt for an automatic selection.

If you’d like to find out how this works and use it to customize your lock screen, we’ve created this guide for you.  Continue reading to find out more about iOS 16 Photo Shuffle, then learn how to use it if you haven’t already done so after updating to iOS 16 on your device.

How to Use iOS 16 Photo Shuffle to Customize your Lock Screen

How Do I Create A Photo Shuffle on My iPhone?

By hand-picking all the images you love the most, you may manually create a Photo Shuffle. It lets you customize your smartphone in a variety of ways and gives it a uniquely personal feel.

If you somehow lack the time to set this up, you can accomplish it automatically with your iPhone’s settings. Typically on your iPhone, you can also configure an automatic shuffle with featured images. This saves a lot of time and makes it easy for you to use the iOS 16 Photo Shuffle feature. Using Live Photos as your iPhone’s background is also another great feature you can choose for this function.

We’ll go over both of the procedures for making a manual or automatic Photo Shuffle below. The manual method goes thus:

  • Use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock your iPhone. Instead of swiping to access the Home Screen, stay on the Lock Screen.
  • Tap the Lock Screen repeatedly. You’ll now be able to customize your wallpaper using the available choices that appear on your screen.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click the blue plus (+) sign.
  • From the top menu, choose Photo Shuffle.
  • Select Photos Manually to manually make a Photo Shuffle. Then click Add after selecting all of the desired pictures.
  • Use Featured Photos if you’d like a Photo Shuffle that happens automatically. By pressing on “Choose next to People beforehand”, you can decide to take someone out of or add someone to your highlighted photos.
  • You may now view how the images appear on your Lock Screen. With a pinch, you may zoom in or out and change the image as necessary.
  • To create Photo Shuffle, click Done.

The second technique involves visiting the Settings app on your iPhone. The following are the steps involved:

  • Go to Wallpaper under Settings once it’s open.
  • Select Add New Wallpaper.
  • From the top, select Photo Shuffle.
  • The remaining steps are the same. For an automatic shuffle, select the Use Featured Photos option, and for manual selection, click on Select Photos Manually.

Using Shortcuts to modify your iPhone wallpaper on a schedule was the closest thing the iPhone had to this capability before. To check how this option performs for you, you could consider giving it a try as well.

How to Control Shuffle Frequency with iOS 16 Photo Shuffle

It’s possible to control the shuffle frequency of the iOS 16 Photo Shuffle feature, which determines how frequently and when the photographs are reorganized. To put it another way, you can decide how or when your iPhone will switch between pictures.

There are, at this point, only four choices: On Tap, On Lock, Hourly, and Daily. At several stages, you can rapidly alter the shuffling frequency.

To activate this setting:

  • The Shuffle Frequency setting will be visible on your screen when you open Photo Shuffle through your Lock Screen or your Settings app using one of the aforementioned methods. Tap it, then proceed to select your preferred option.
  • Once you’ve added all of your photos to the shuffle, you can also select Shuffle Frequency. After selecting Add and the preview screen has appeared, select More from the bottom menu, select Shuffle Frequency, and then pick your preferred choice.

Summarily, with the methods we’ve described above, you can now completely personalize your Lock Screen with iOS 16 Photo Shuffle. In just a few minutes, you can quickly transform your wallpaper into a slideshow of your favorite people or locations. 

We’re sure you’ve found this guide to be helpful and enlightening. Thus, we encourage you to recommend it to other iPhone users you know, so that they can get the best of this great functionality.

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