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v9 Bluetooth Headset review

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v9 bluetooth headset review
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This v9 Bluetooth headset review has a very interesting background story. My son was digging around the house about 2 weeks ago and came running to me to ask, “Daddy, is this yours?” In his hand was a slightly worn but impressive-looking Bluetooth headset – the V9. I have no recollection of ever buying one, receiving one as a gift, borrowing one, or stealing one. 

Mrs. Mo is not a gadget person and rarely buys these things. I am her plug for her gadgets. We are agreed that the v9 doesn’t belong to her either. So, honestly, I have no idea what it was doing in our things or our home. But an opportunity to play with a mobile accessory had presented itself and what else could be the outcome if not a review here on Mobility Arena?

v9 Bluetooth wireless headset

If my findings on Google are anything to go by, the V9 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone was released in 2017 or thereabout, so it doesn’t exactly qualify as new in the market. But it looks great and is packed full of nifty features. And it is still on sale, so why not? It just might be the Bluetooth wireless headset you are looking for.

Let me walk you through the key specs and features of this interesting Bluetooth wireless headset.

v9 Bluetooth headset review: quick specs

  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Noise Cancelling Technology: Triple Mic Technology cancels background and wind  noise when in crowds.
  • HD Voice quality
  • Battery: Li-ion 90mAh
  • Can pair and connect with 2 devices at a time
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Caller ID Report: Announce Coming Caller’s Phone Number
  • Voice control: Answer/cancel calls with your voice
  • 180 degree flip-boom arm: rotate the earpiece 180° for left and right ear wear

I couldn’t find a pack for the v9 and so cannot provide you with first-hand information about what is in the sales box. But e-commerce sites list the package contents as follows:

  • the earphone itself,
  • USB charging cable,
  • an earcap,
  • English user manual
V9 Bluetooth Headset Wireless Stereo Earphone

v9 Bluetooth headset review: Design

The V9 headset itself has an ear hook (or flip-boom) that wraps over your ear and an in-ear earpiece. This gives it a very badass, high-tech look. The design is such that you can rotate the flip-boom 180 deegrees, which means you can use the V9 headset with either ear. So, whether you prefer it on your right ear or the left one, it is a matter of simply rotating the ear piece.

The V9 Bluetooth headset doesn’t feel heavy but its presence is felt when it is on. I wondered why the ear hook has to be that big though. I figured that one reason for the size must be the battery, and I will come to that later in this review.

The earbud is made of silicone and is comfortable in the ear.

How to pair v9 Bluetooth headset

To pair the V9 headset, I long pressed the power button for a few seconds till the indicator light flashed blue and red alternately, and then went into the Bluetooth mode of my phone (Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro this time) to initiate a search for a new device. Shortly, the name “V9” shoed up and tapped on that to pair. Voila. All set up.

A quick look at the device info in my phone’s Bluetooth menu indicated that the V9 supports not just phone calls but also media playback (Yay!) and contact sharing (which should mean support for Caller ID).

v9 Bluetooth headset review: In Use

In use, the v9 fits comfortably wrapped around my ear. I can feel its presence when on, and I half expected that it would begin to weigh me down after a while. So far, that is yet to happen. Being that the ear hook wraps around the ear though, it is a mild obstruction when I have my glasses on. It isn’t anything huge: just a mild distraction.

v9 bluetooth headset review

v9 Bluetooth headset review: Audio

In use, volume is loud and more than adequate. The quality of audio is also very good. The V9 does a good job of keeping things clean and clear.

You can control the volume of your music playback or in-call audio from the headset itself by short pressing the button up or down. If you long press the volume button during music playback, it skips to the choose next/previous song on your play list.

The voice control is a nifty feature for when driving or other situations where you need your eyes and hands free. Just say “Yes” to answer an incoming call or “No” to cancel it.

When an active call is terminated, the V9 Bluetooth headset tells you, “Phone has hang up,” so you are not in doubt. It is poor English (indicating that this is a Chinese product, if you were in doubt), but this is one headset that is designed to help you keep distractions away.

v9 Bluetooth headset review: Battery Performance

The product listings say the V9 has a 90mAh battery and that it will deliver 20 days of standby time and 10 hours talk time. I have used it on a single charge for a few days of driving and it is yet to die out on me.

In all, the battery performance is much better than what the Xiaomi Mini earbud offers, a little better than what the Jabra Talk5 offers, and just about at par with what the Oraimo Bluetooth Necklace offers. So, one reason for the size must be the battery.

Charging time is a little less than 2 hours, and the V9 has a feature that reminds you to charge the headset when it is low on battery power.

v9 bluetooth earpiece review

v9 Bluetooth headset review: Conclusion

For a 2-year old eapiece/headset, the V9 packs a lot of useful features and I recommend it. I found it listed for as much as ₦6,000 on Jumia, $10.36 on GearBest, $19.88 on Amazon, and as much as $23.95 elsewhere.

Meanwhile, if you are my friend and your V9 Bluetooth headset is missing, perhaps it is with me! Holla at your boy. Getting me to actually return it might be difficult though.

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