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Viasat phone service reviews

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Viasat phone services Voip internet devices
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Viasat Voice is a VoIP home phone service that can be tied with Viasat satellite internet service. Viasat Voice provides crystal-clear phone service that includes unlimited local and long-distance calling across the United States. Viasat Voice also includes unlimited calls to Canada.Viasat Voice was designed to allow you to connect multiple cellphones while utilizing one number. 

Viasat phone service reviews

Viasat phone service reviews on ConsumerAffairs Website

The site ConsumerAffairs had an overall star review rating of 3.2 stars out of 5.  Let’s start with the good reviews, some customers wrote about the affordability of the company and the fast internet speed. There was an average amount of good reviews but they weren’t many. Here’s one:

•With all of the negative reviews, I thought I needed to voice my views. I had my new ViaSat internet system installed and what a difference! I went from 9 Mbps on my HughesNet Gen 5 to over 60 Mbps with my new ViaSat. Service/installation was great! I’m VERY pleased!!

For the bad reviews, some customers claimed the internet doesn’t work good and are overpriced. A lot of customers were not happy  with their cancellation process and the company not keeping its promise. Anger was expressed over the company’s tech support, claiming that any time Viasat said they would send out a technician, no one ever came.  Here’s one of the reviews:

•I paid a ridiculous monthly payment of about $170 a month for too long so that I could work at home and my kids could do school work at home when needed. Noticed that things would slow if we “ran out of data.” Another standard answer was “it’s the weather.” Note: it states that weather does not affect service on their website.

I had a couple service calls over a few years. The technician would never show up in slotted time or even day. What I figured out in end is they do not have their own service people. They contract and don’t even ask me how this works as they have a choice to choose your time slot if you call in. They tell you someone will be there at certain time and you are waiting.


Viasat phone service reviews

Viasat phone service reviews on Trustpilot Website

The other site I visited was Trustpilot and the site had an overall star review rating of 1.8 stars out of 5 on Viasat phone service reviews.

Let’s begin with the good reviews, to be honest there was only one good review on the site.  The review is from the year 2020 and its very long so here’s an image of it below. 

Now, onto the bad reviews which the site was majorly filled with, a lof of customrs also complained about lack of technician and customer service. Another customer also complained that their prices are ‘ outrageous’.  There were also some complaints about their slow internet and electrical outages. There were also issues with their cancellation process and returning of equipment.

A few customers wrote about how they contacted the company to return their equipment after cancellation and the company said they would send out a box so they can collect their equipment but the customers never received any box and the company still charged them when it was their fault. Here’s one of the reviews:

•This service and company deserves 0 stars if that was an option. This is the worst service ever. Any time i have tried to get tech support and report/resolve my issues it is a dead end. Same result every time, no resolution. Poor customer service. Terrible service. They overcharge and charge outrageous rates for basically no service.

Out of a months worth of service we may get 3 days of service the rest, just count it as a loss, when we are no where near the “cap” when its suppose to be “unlimited”. I cannot stress how unacceptable this service is and how terrible it is, and to top it off, charging outrageous prices.


Last Words

After reading through different reviews, it seems like Viasat has a huge amount of improvements to make on their company and their services.

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