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History of UK Area Codes: Origins and Evolution of Telephone Area Codes in the United Kingdom

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Anyone willing to contact a resident of the UK has to dial a digit code before the phone number. This digit code is known as area code. Though they are as omnipresent as grass, people tend to pay less attention to their importance and significance.  

This post is a move to throw light on the beginning of area codes like 0117 dialing code and their importance, alongside telling how cNumber can help your business.

Where Area Codes Came From in the UK? What is cNumber?

The Beginning Of Area Codes In the UK 

Area codes or STD codes came into being in 1958 with a purpose to let a local subscriber dial a phone number without the help of any telephony operator. Original area codes were designed by converting the first three letters of exchange name into numbers. For instance, Aylesbury’s first-ever area code was 0AY6. 

Only the area code of London was an exception. Around 1980, it was realized that the UK was running out of number combinations using this format. This is why British Landline System launched a new telephony dialing plan on 16 April 1995. 

Under this plan, geographic area codes and some telephone numbers were changed. A “1” was added as a prefix to most of the area codes while the area codes in areas like Bristol, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, and Sheffield, the area codes were entirely changed. 

Earlier, area codes were considered essential for landline calls. With the change of time, mobile phones overshadowed landline phones. But, the significance of area code hasn’t faded. 

From a business point-of-view, area code is still very important as they help the people to locate the presence of a business.  


cNumber – Helping Businesses To Make A Name

cNumber is the UK’s prime VoIP phone number provided that can help businesses of all kinds to firm their feet in a certain part of the UK. 

Taking the help of its local phone number, a business situated outside the UK can associate itself with the targeted market without being present there. 

As these local phone numbers are driven by VoIP technology, any business can hold over communication system which is: 

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to set-up and maintain 
  • Highly scalable and mobile 
  • Feature-packed 

As these local phone numbers have a cloud-based infrastructure one can use them instantly. There are no set-up and installation protocols to follow-up. cNumber takes care of this aspect from its customers’ side. 

Starting from the set-up to system maintenance, cNumber looks after everything. They are plug-and-play resources that can be at one’s service after buying a subscription plan.

How is cNumber helping Businesses to Gain Significance In Particular Area?

For overseas businesses or businesses coming out from a particular region in the UK, the VoIP-based local phone numbers are nothing but a blessing. 

Their diligent use enables a business to reach the doors of success in a below-mentioned manner. 

Familiarity with the locals

In a local region, local customers are the target. Having a business phone number that shares a similar area code as of the targeted customers helps to make acquaintances easily. 

It gives the impression that the business is located nearby and helps customers to become familiar with the business. 

Cost-effective calling 

Using the local phone number of the targeted region is a cost-effective deal for both the customers and businesses. Calls made on landline/mobile numbers of the same area codes are charged as per the local rates. 

For unlimited calling plans, the calls are often free of charge as well. It’s a big relief for a business situated outside as international calling expenses are too high in this case.   

The local phone numbers of cNumber are powered by VoIP technology and expert very less call incurring charges. Hence, a business can save big on calling aspects using them. 

Meet the state law compliance  

There are some areas like Aberdeen, Brighton, Bradford, Middlesbrough, and many more where one can’t make a call without adding area code before a phone number. If these areas are the targeted markets of a business then having area code local numbers is important. 


Area codes are not going to lose their sheen now and ever. If a business seeks to gain impeccable significance in the local vicinity then a local phone number with area codes is important. 

cNumber’s local area code numbers are perfect for this job. With cloud-based deployment and impressive feature-suite, they will make things easier than ever. 

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