YouTube Music Now Lets You Transfer From Google Play Music

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Google has been making a number of updates to some of its apps, with the Lens app and Google Duo getting updates in the past week. Reports suggest that Google Play Music has been making a gradual shift to YouTube Music, with the search giant now making it easier for users of Google Play Music to transfer their content and begin using the YouTube Music service.

A new update features a dedicated option on the YouTube Music app that lets users transfer uploads, added songs, purchases, albums and even playlists. A webpage has also been created for sending podcasts from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts.

YouTube Music App

This update will first rollout to select Android and iOS users, offering them the opportunity to transfer their content from Google Play Music. The app will begin to display your updated recommendations once you have completed the transfer. Google will also make sure to notify you (through email and notifications) when your music library transfer is complete.

You can see your content in the Library tab of the YouTube Music app. For podcast listeners, Google has provided a webpage that helps transfer your subscriptions and listening progress to Google Podcasts.

This new update comes on the heels of recent changes to the YouTube Music app, with Google recently introducing an Explore tab to the app for Android and iOS users bringing new options like “genres” and “New releases”.



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