Apple Cancels March Event, Delays Launch Of The iPhone SE2 Due To Lower Demand

Earlier reports suggesting that Apple could postpone the launch of the iPhone SE2 have been confirmed, with Apple coming out to explain the motive behind this decision.

Apple had planned to launch the iPhoneSE2 at an event in March, with the device expected to hit the market in the first week of April, but a lower demand due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and a reduced production in certain places affected by the virus have forced the delay of the iPhone SE2.

Apple iPhone SE2 Launch delayed

Reports say that the production of the iPhone SE2 is already complete, but Apple fear that the current situation of the market, coupled with a reduced demand may be hurtful for a March release.

A tweet from FrontPageTech’s Jon Prosser confirms the cancellation of the March event and the delay of the iPhone SE2. With the coronavirus still raging, there is no certain date yet to when the iPhone SE2 will be launched, with a number of sources suggesting any time between June to the start of the fall season.

This development could also affect the launch of the “iPhone 12” with a number of reports already alluding to the fact that the 5G iPhone would not be launched on schedule despite its release still months away.

With scientists battling round the clock to provide lasting solution to the COVID-19 epidemic, it is hoped that this outbreak can be curtailed in good time and things can return to normalcy.



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  1. This Coronavirus thing is getting out of hand, it just keeps changing people’s plans day by day. Until something done about this, then all plans and schedule will return to the way it was.

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