Choosing the Best Phone Carrier: Factors to Consider Before Making a Decision

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In selecting a wireless phone carrier, you are going to consider multiple factors. Those factors include: coverage, technology, tariffs/cost, Internet plans, and quality of service. Depending on the number of carriers available in your country, you have to look at all these factors on each of them.

In the United States, there is a long list of phone carriers to select from. It is a big country, after all, and it makes sense to have multiple carriers. There are now three big wireless carriers, down from the original Big 4: Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, after the merger of Sprint with T-Mobile.

Besides these three, there are many smaller carriers, who use the infrastructure of at least one of the big three. These smaller carriers are called mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and there are hundreds of them.

The best phone carriers in the USA.

Best phone carriers for 5G service

If you live on the cutting edge and want to enjoy 5G service, your best bet is one of the big 3. They all have invested heavily in rolling out 5G service around the country.

  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T

Best phone carriers for the budget cellular consumer

If you are running on a low budget and do not mind basic data plans without all the extra features, these carriers have the most affordable tariffs on a budget.

  1. T-Mobile
  2. Mint Mobile
  3. Metro by T-Mobile

Best phone carriers for unlimited Internet

If you are looking for the best unlimited data plans in the USA, check with these wireless carriers.

  1. Mint Mobile
  2. Visible
  3. T-Mobile

Best phone carriers with the most features

Consumers whose primary concern is not money, and who are willing to get the best service, the most number of features and benefits may explore the following wireless carriers.

  1. Verizon
  2. AT&T
  3. T-Mobile

Best phone carrier for Pixel phones

It is not every day that you run into a wireless carrier that has its services tuned to work best with a certain brand. If you own a Pixel phone, you should have a look at what Google Fi has to offer. With Google behind both the phone and the network, it makes sense that this carrier offers perks and optimisations for Pixel phone owners.

Best wireless carrier for light users

In today’s world, many mobile consumers want more and more of everything. However, if you are one of those who believe that less is more, and who use your phones sparingly, there is a wireless carrier for you. Consumer Cellular offers voice, text, and data plans for people like you. Why pay for voice, text, and data volumes that you neither need nor use?

Other cellphone carriers in the USA

If you don’t fit into any of the categories listed above and none of those carriers fit your requirements, here are other phone carriers in the US that you can explore.

  1. Xfinity Mobile
  2. Boost Mobile
  3. Tello
  4. Dish Wireless
  5. US Cellular
  6. Cricket Wireless
  7. Ting Mobile
  8. Walmart Family Mobile
  9. TracFone
  10. Cellular One
  11. Charity Mobile
  12. Cellular Abroad

The above list is not exhaustive. There are many others. There are 747 wireless carriers in operation in the United States, as of 2022.

Largest phone carriers by subscribers

The biggest wireless carriers in the United States, according to subscriber count, are:

  1. Verizon (143 million subscribers; 99% 4G LTE national coverage)
  2. T-Mobile (109 million subscribers; 99% 4G LTE national coverage)
  3. AT&T (101 million subscribers99% 4G LTE national coverage)
  4. Dish Wireless (8.5 million subscribers)
  5. U.S. Cellular (5 million subscribers)

Verizon is, by far, the largest phone carrier in the USA, followed by T-Mobile, and then AT&T.

Which of the above phone carriers do you currently use? Are you looking to switch to the competition?

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