Common iPhone Software Problems and Solutions

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Apple released the iOS 13 to considerable fanfare in 2019, with fans and critics alike welcoming this iOS eagerly. However, after a number of weeks, different bugs and stability issues surfaced, forcing users who’d installed this iOS version to seek for fixes and solutions in different places. 

Today, we will take a look at some of the more common iPhone software problems on a wider scale (not just the iOS 13) out there and how to fix them. Just before we dive headlong to see what’s on the plate, we will advise you to always keep your device up to date, as this can help you keep some of the bugs away. That said, let’s take a look at some of the more common iPhone software problems and some of its possible solutions.

  • Keyboard freezing while typing: One of the more common iPhone software problems that has lingered, this issue occurs intermittently in different iPhones, which is a major source of worry for its owners. If your keypad is freezing intermittently, you can try toggling off Zoom in your phone settings, as this could help take care of this issue and make your device operate more smoothly.
common iPhone software problems
  • Certain apps not opening up properly: An issue that may spring up from a number of causes, this occasionally happens with iPhones, as certain apps just refuse to open. If you notice this with a particular app, you can try uninstalling the app or better still, reset your smartphone. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.
  • iPhone freezing during update: A bit like the keyboard conundrum, this is an occasional head-scratcher for certain iPhone users. You can bypass this by rebooting your device, then trying the update again.
iOS 13.5 update
  • Battery drain issues: A rather common issue with the iPhone, this glitch may be due to a number of factors, including a new update. You see, when you newly update your iPhone, the new OS needs to go through a number of system operations to bring your device up to date with some of the new features the update may bring. Aside that, a battery that drains quickly may be the result of certain heavy apps or games. If you’ve been battling this issue, you can follow these tips to improve the situation.
  1. Plug in your device and wait for a while. It could also help to turn on the Wi-Fi and ensure it is connected, in a few hours your device should return to normal. This method is particularly useful if you are restoring a heavy volume of data from iCloud or synchronizing data from a number of sources.
  2. Check your device for updates by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Some software updates feature fixes for certain bugs, meaning that a software update may be helpful in this instance.
  3. Check out the apps putting the most strain on your battery. Go to Settings > Battery, if you notice any app that you don’t use often putting a significant strain on your battery, uninstall the app.
  4. Toggle the Raise to Wake feature off. This feature uses your iPhone’s accelerometer, meaning that your screen may be on more than you know. To turn it off, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Raise to Wake.
  5. If none of the above tips are helpful, you may just need to try a forced reboot of your iPhone.

While these tips are helpful with common iPhone software problems, hardware problems need a different approach, as you’d likely need to visit an Apple care center or see a certified technician.

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