Google Pixel 4a Receives October Android Security Update With Bug Fixes

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Google Pixel 4a is currently receiving the October 2020 Android security update released by Google. This update introduces bug fixes for touch sensitivity and auto-brightness, it also brings along a number of fixes for other Pixel phones including the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 series.

This new update improves the auto-brightness of the Google Pixel 4a, with certain users complaining of an under-display of the phone’s ambient light sensor earlier. The update is also expected to fix issues affecting MediaTek and Qualcomm components and take care of certain loopholes that may let intruders impact user privacy.

Google Pixel 4a full

There are also fixes for the previously missing auto-rotate icon in certain orientations, undetected overview swipe gestures, and call notifications in the Pixel Launcher. There will be fixes to prevent devices getting stuck while booting, with this fix expected for all Pixel devices from Pixel 2 to the Pixel 4a.

The October Android security update is rolling out to Google Pixel 4a devices and older Pixel smartphones. Users who are yet to see the updates can manually download it through this link.

With this update taking care of vital issues including security loopholes, it is expected that users of the Pixel phones can now enjoy better functioning devices with more protection from intruders.



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