Here’s how to extract a nano-SIM stuck in a difficult slot

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If you swap phones often, especially some of the most recent smartphones, chances are that you have cut your SIM at one time to fit into a nano or micro SIM slot on one of those phones. And chances are that your cut SIM has gotten stuck in one of those phones.

Usually, this happens with devices that have their SIM slots on the edge, meaning that you have to push your card in. To get it out sometimes is a tough one. However, you need only one tool in your emergency kit for the task – and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg:


Yes; you need the almighty safety pin! Open it up and use the sharp edge to get a grip on either flat side of your SIM card, preferably the side without the chip, and pull it out. There. You thought your nano or micro SIM was stuck, but the Incredible Safety Pin has come to your rescue.

The safety pin has solved my woes with two devices in recent times. Be sure to keep one in your toolkit. Thank me later!

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