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Why the iPhone 11 is my favourite iPhone in 2021

Apple iPhone 11 is my best or favourite iPhone modelApple iPhone 11 is my best or favourite iPhone model
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The Apple iPhone 11 was released in September 2019, making it about a year and half old in the market right now, but it is easily my best iPhone model right now, and the one I’d buy today.

That might sound odd to smartphone enthusiasts, who’d normally go for the latest shiny model. That would be the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it is also the most powerful iPhone around today? So, why is the iPhone 11 my favourite model?

I lay out my reasons below.

Apple iPhone 11 is my best or favourite iPhone model
Apple iPhone 11 is my best or favourite iPhone model

Battery Life

iPhones have a nasty reputation with battery life. If you have never used an Android premium flagship smartphone and experienced the bliss of not having to look for a charger every few hours, you’d never understand.

But as someone who has experienced that for years, should I ever have to switch to iOS, battery life would be high on my list of priorities. And the iPhone 11 has good battery life, one that is significantly better than that of its successor, the iPhone 12.

To be sure, it doesn’t have the best. The 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max have marginally better battery life, but they lose a few points on another factor that is important to me.

Compact Size

I want my smartphones compact in size. In 2021, that’s anything that maxes out at 6.2 inches in general.

With 6.5-inch displays, the size factor eliminates the Pro Max models. I can give up the marginal extra battery life to have a smartphone that feels more comfy in my hand.

And that phone is the iPhone 11 with it’s nice 6.1-inch display and comfy size.

I am not worried about photography and video recording, because again, the differences between what the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro Max and 12 Pro Max offer are not that big. I can live with that.

Also, I am not worried about performance. The Apple A13 Bionic chipset and 4 GB RAM in the iPhone 11 is a competent combination and delivers effortlessly.

In summary, Apple iPhone 11 is my favourite iPhone model today because it offers good battery life and good performance in a compact body. Thankfully, it also has 18W fast charging, so the battery gets topped up fast.

Thanks to Apple’s reputation with software updates, the iPhone 11 is also up-to-date in terms of software. What is not to like about it?

apple iphone 11 splash

Which is your favourite iPhone model?

It is great to own the latest and greatest model of your favourite phone brand. But sometimes, the latest model is not what’s best for you.

If battery life and compact size are top priorities for you, you should have a look at the iPhone 11. If they are not, you must figure out which of the available modules fit your specific needs or wants. Your phone; your preferences.

So, share yours. Which is your favourite iPhone model, and what about it makes it your preferred?

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