Some of us like to obey rules, and do what is right at all times, while some others would bend rules and do as they

Physical or Digital bibles: Which do you prefer?

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Some of us like to obey rules, and do what is right at all times, while some others would bend rules and do as they please, the strong headed peoplebiggrin. When we were kids, we were taught to go to church with our bibles, and going to church without a bible then was uncalled for, and inappropriate. Those days, we all go with our physical bibles to church and everyone was cool with it, till tech came along, with digital bibles. These days we have iPads, tablets, phablets, and smart phones with full bible apps installed, and some are faced with the choice of going the old school way, or follow the current trends. Some clergymen have already embraced the use of digital bibles. Personally, I prefer the physical bible. If I ever bring out my phone in church, one thing would always lead to another and I’ll be lost in it. From bible app, I could switch on data, reply to a few chats, play a little Candy Crush, till maybe one usher slaps me back to consciousness or I wake up myself. Probably by then, service don go farcry. I chose not to be distracted, and do it the old-fashioned way. Which way do you prefer? Feel free to share your thoughts. Happy Sunday!!


  1. Both. In church, the bible app is swift to use, while the physical bible is appropriate for home study use.

  2. Wow, you go to a church where an usher would slap you??

    I’m old school but again, we have gotten so high tech that the bible passage(s) for the day is projected or pre-printed as part of the weekly notice sheet. In the case of the latter I rarely have to take my bible with me, in the former I do.

    And phones are distracting? Unlike me you probably won’t find yourself looking up another passage triggered by something said during a sermon, then you’re on another train of thought…

    Digital bibles have their place, however I prefer my physical cross referencing bible in my hands.

  3. Wow, you go to a church where an usher would slap you??//

    Lol. It’s an exaggeration. It’s actually always a pat on the back.

  4. @Elroy wow, you go to a church where ushers police the services? How do we know they are listening sef?

  5. FOR me, its a no_brainer..

    PHYSICAL bibles (and books, generally) are too old school in this mo_igital age.

    FOR the nomoohobic, yes, going the digital way may constitute a huge distraction or temptation to stray from the messages of the moment, emanating from the pulpit.

    BUT for the rest of us, them, the advantages of the digital, over the paper..are indisputable.

    IF you are not under some subliminally spiritual compulsion that the physical bible has any relevance beyond the actual contents, then your laptop, Tablet, phablet or smartphone have very visible and demonstrable advantages..

  6. I use both but for study and long read,I prefer the paperback cos of my eyes. In church,I use my iPad cos it serves as my bible and notes concurrently.

  7. For me i prefer digital bibles, i made the switch in 2006 and i haven’t looked back since then. To me it’s more convenient, i could easily look up chapters or verses in seconds compared to the almost a minute that it would take me to find it in a physical bible.

  8. Since I came on smartphones in 2006, I’ve always preferred digital bibles. I use my smartphones and tablets for both reading the bible and taking notes. Pastor makes references to other translations, so I gotta be able to look up the references and follow the teachings comfortably.
    Imagine what it’d be like carrying all the translations in physical form about.
    I’m grateful for modern technology for the ease it’s brought into my life. I’m an avid reader, and I can carry as many books on my devices comfortably without looking like a bookworm.
    As per note taking, what’s the essence of taking notes when I can’t read them up later? With my devices I’m assured of access to my bibles, books and notes anytime any day

  9. Interesting topic, I really wish a study can be conducted on this issue. I observed with dismay that my brain in particular doesn’t commit most things read on an LCD screen to really long term memory. It seems to retain ‘normal paper printing’ more than ‘on the screen reading’

    Our youths with all the information they read on their digital devices don’t seem smarter than we were at that age (am 34 though) and their spoken and written English is also terrible.

    For these reasons I prefare the ‘normal bible’. With all the research and information I read everyday on my phone, lappy and tablet I should be a genius by now but that is not happening. Infact my spelling ability goes down everyday. I don’t know why but our analogue books and bibles seem to stick more.

    It may just be my our wahala. Any similar experience?

  10. I don’t think the decline in the quality of written or spoken english used by the youths has anything to do with technology per se. Our education system should shoulder the blame for that. But then again language evolves.

    At the state at which my mind is right now it would be a lot easier for me to read a book if it exist in electronic form than a physical one.

    I am particularly grateful for the smartphone evolution which has enabled me to read up on anything regardless of where i am. As for things sticking i think at the end of the day, it boils down to passion. I find that i remember things better if i enjoyed the process of acquiring that knowledge.
    Spelling errors are now more pronounced probably due to the pace that we put out information these days. But in the day, most prople write less than 1 letters a day really but these days we are always in a steady of state of writing letters via sms, emails, bbm, whatsapp and others.

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