Samsung Note 10 and S10 Get Galaxy S20 Camera Features Via Software Updates

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Samsung has released some of the features for the S20 family to other older Samsung models. These models, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, have started receiving an update that brings some of the interesting S20 features to the S10 and Note 10.

This update includes S20’s Single Take camera feature that uses AI to determine what is going on in the frame while taking photos or videos. This tech can automatically analyze a video and then decide when to take a picture.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

The update also brings the new night mode and pro video mode to the Note 10 and S10 for better control over a number of settings including shutter exposure. The update will also allow the Note 10 and S10 possess the Quick Share feature which allows users send or receive files to nearby Galaxy users.

This update is expected to hit US devices in the coming weeks. Samsung have also announced better prices for the S10 line, with the S10e now going for as low as $549. The three S10 models have all experienced a price drop, making them some of the best devices you can acquire at their current price points.

With no set date as to when these updates will get to other markets, it is believed that the updates will be very helpful to S10 and Note 10 users and we may be seeing these features from the S20 in a number of older Samsung devices in the coming days.



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