Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11: The Battle Royale

Comparing two smartphones from the Apple company is bound to bring up a number of similarities, especially when these smartphones are as closely related as the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and Apple iPhone 11. Pitching these two siblings against each other will provide for great reading, making this match-up all the more exciting.

Both smartphones were announced in September of 2019, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max also a part of the iPhone 11 family. They are both mid-range smartphones, and offer similar specifications.

compare Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11 comparison

Now, we will be taking a closer look at the specs on both smartphones in a side-by-side manner.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11 Comparison Table

Come with me and let’s take a much closer look beneath the wonderful designs of both smartphones, checking out what they really pack underneath.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Apple iPhone 11
2G, 3G, 4G 2G, 3G, 4G
5.8 inches, 2436 × 1125 pixels, 19:9 aspect ratio, OLED display 6.1 inches, 1792 × 828 pixels, 19:9 aspect ratio, LCD display
iOS 13 iOS 13
Hexa-core Apple Bionic A13, 1.8GHz Hexa-core Apple Bionic A13, 1.8GHz
12MP selfie camera 12MP selfie camera
12MP + 12MP + 12MP triple rear cameras with LED flash 12MP + 12MP dual rear cameras with LED flash
128/256/512GB internal storage 64/128/256GB internal storage
3,190mAh battery with 18W Fast Charge 3,110mAh battery with 18W Fast Charging
₦385,000 ($999) ₦253,000($699)

Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11: Where The iPhone 11 Pro Gains The Edge

The iPhone 11 Pro bears a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which is smaller than its sibling at 6.1 inches, but offers better and brighter images, making it a joy to use for people who love editing their photos. It also boasts an extra camera (a telephoto camera) than the iPhone 11, which may provide a better photography experience under certain conditions.

The iPhone 11 Pro has more RAM and storage space than its rival, but shares the same chipset and software version as the iPhone 11.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11


Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11: Where The iPhone 11 Gains The Edge

The iPhone 11 is a far cheaper option than its counterpart, costing about $300 less than the iPhone 11 Pro. It also offers a larger display than its rival, albeit with a lower resolution.

It shares the same chipset as its sibling, also bringing the same selfie camera and software version as the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple iPhone 11 red

Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11: Who Comes Out Tops In This Battle?

Both devices have the same processor, support 4G technology, boast good camera specs and offer decent batteries.

The iPhone 11 is a much cheaper option than its counterpart and should be your pick if you are looking for a device that lets you get your hands on some nice specs at a lower cost.

However, the iPhone 11 Pro provides better display quality, with an extra camera out the back, and more battery power to support these specs.

It has a larger RAM and onboard storage than its sibling, but provides no external storage space.

One huge sticky point with the iPhone 11 Pro is its price. At $999, it is far more expensive than the iPhone 11, and this could pose a challenge for a number of buyers.

But when it comes to the features and the specs that both smartphones have to offer, the iPhone 11 Pro slightly edges it over its mid-range counterpart.

If you are a buyer hunting for a smartphone with great specs at the mid-range level, then the iPhone 11 is just what you need. But, if you’d want something that takes it up a notch, a smartphone with that little extra, and you are willing to splash out on it, then the iPhone 11 Pro is ideal for you.

At the end of the day, the onus rests on you to select the smartphone that will suit you budget.


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