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Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022 comparison

Avatar of Mobility Daddy By Mobility Daddy Sep22,2022
Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022
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This is the Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022 comparison you’ve been looking for. In fairness, these phones were released about four years apart, and it should be easy to tell which is the better of them. But things are not always that straightforward, and since you are reading this, chances are that you are interested in the outcome of our comparison.

Why is anyone interested in comparing these two devices? Budget. Price. If you are looking at these two iPhones, it must be that you want an affordable iPhone. You do not want to spend top dollar on any of the more expensive models, and that is a valid desire. We are here to provide you with useful information to help you make your decision. By the end of this Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022 comparison, you will be able to decide which of the two devices is better for you. Let’s kick things off with the comparison table.

Apple iPhone XRApple iPhone SE 2022
6.1 inches, 828×1792 pixels, IPS LCD4.7 inches, 750×1334 pixels, IPS LCD
launched with iOS 12launched with iOS 15.4
Apple 12 BionicApple A15 Bionic
64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB storage64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB storage
12 MP rear camera12 MP rear camera
7 MP selfie camera7 MP selfie camera
2G, 3G, 4G2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
NO fingerprint scannerFingerprint scanner in Home button
2942 mAh, non-removable battery2018 mAh, non-removable battery
15W fast charging20W fast charging
Difficult to find new ones in the market nowFrom $360
Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022
Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022 comparison

Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022: The comparison

Let’s look at the features and specs where each of the two phones is better than the other.

Where Apple iPhone XR has the edge

  • Has a bigger screen size
  • Has thinner bezels
  • Has a larger battery capacity and longer battery life

Where Apple iPhone SE (2022) has the edge

  • It is compact and handier to use
  • Fingerprint support
  • Has 5G support
  • Better processor and performance
  • Has more RAM
  • Better camera quality
  • Faster battery charging
  • Wi-Fi 6 support

Apple iPhone XR vs Apple iPhone SE 2022: Verdict

The iPhone SE 2022 is unarguably the more powerful and more capable of these two phones. It packs the same power as the iPhone 13 series and the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. It also supports both 5G and WiFi 6, and so is more up to date in terms of wireless communications. In addition, it is very compact and handy. However, you might prefer the iPhone XR for its design and bigger display. Perhaps even for the better battery life.

Lastly, if software updates are important to you, note that support for the iPhone XR will end three years earlier than for the SE 2022, so you might also want to bear that in mind. The SE 2022 is fresh out of the factory and so has years of software updates ahead of it.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. Having seen what they each have to offer, which will be your choice if you were shopping for an iPhone? If you cannot get past the design of the iPhone SE 2022, the choice is easy for you: pick the iPhone XR. otherwise, the iPhone SE 2022 is the overall superior device and better value for money.

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