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Bellroy phone case 3 card review

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Bellroy phone case reviews
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Today, I will be reviewing the Bellroy phone case 3 card wallet. Bellroy is a popular accessory brand founded in 2009. It makes wallets, bags, backpacks, laptop sleeves, AirPods cases and phone cases. But today, we are going to be focusing more on their phone cases.

Bellroy phone cases are made from leather and polymer.  The leather of the case is ‘environmentally certified’  and has a microfiber interior lining. There is also a 3- year warranty on the phone cases. The phone case has a slim detachable wallet which fits up to 3 cards. The prices range from $25- $150 for a phone case.

Bellroy phone case reviews

           Bellroy phone case reviews.

I have read a lot of reviews from different sites and this article is a summary of what I found. Since I didn’t see any reviews on the Bellroy official site, the first 3rd party website I visited was Trustpilot.

Bellroy phone case reviews on Trustpilot

59% of the reviews on this site were good and the rest, not so good. Some reviews commended the brand’s product quality, it’s fast shipping services and good customer support. Here’s one below:

I am always pleased with the quality of Bellroy items. Immaculate stitching and the kind of leather that can seem to last forever. The fact that Bellroy constantly creates inventive and sustainably conscious products gives faith and assurance to customers who care about the environment.

There were also reviews expressing their dissatisfaction over the poor quality and the prices of the phone cases. There were a few complaints on shipping and customer service. (Source)

Bellroy phone case reviews on Amazon

The next site I visited was Amazon. 70% of the reviews on Amazon were good reviews. Customers praised the case’s quality and how protective and minimal the cases are. It was confirmed that the card can actually hold 2-3 cards and the kickstand magnets claps on the cases are strong.

Bellroy phone case reviews

Although, the majority of the reviews were good, there were a lot of complaints about the quality of the material used for the phone cases and how the cases were overpriced for the quality they were getting. A lot of people loved the design of their cases but weren’t really satisfied with the quality. Here’s one below:

Hi. I hate to Do Bad Reviews. But I really want to warn everyone from Buying this Case that is a Piece of Garbage. Dollar Store cases are more Genuine than This Case. The Leather feel. Feels like thinner than a Sheet of Paper. The corners of the case where the wallet door is it’s Lifting. Overall. The hard plastic material is Crap and I don’t even want to put my iPhone in it. Just so everyone know. It’s better cases here and for not more than $30. This Case company. It’s an ABSOLUTE RIP OFF! Be aware! (Source)


 After reading all the reviews, I would say you could find cheaper and greater quality phone cases somewhere else. But like I’ve said before, no company is perfect and if you want to take the risk of buying a phone case from Bellroy, go ahead.

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