TDE Phone Case Review: Luxury Leather Protection for your Smartphone

The Daily Edited (TDE) is an Australian luxury fashion brand that specialises in monogrammed leather goods. It is based in Sydney, Australia, but but their products are available both online and through stores in Australia, Singapore, and the USA. The prices of TDE phone cases range from $40-$60 per item.

They sell cases for all iPhone models, some models of Samsung and Google Pixel. They also sell bags, laptop cases, notebook holders, wallets and many more. Their leather made phone cases are made from Saffiano leather, which is scratch resistant and very durable. This article is a round-up of all the reviews I found on different sites.

TDE phone case review
The Daily Edited phone cases

TDE Phone Case Reviews on Trust Pilot

Trustpilot was the first site I visited and there were very few reviews on the site. There were only 5 reviews on the site and 3 of them were good and the rest, not so good. The three good reviews praised the quality of the saffiano leather, customer service and fast delivery of the company.

Although the majority of reviews praised their leather and customer services, the minority didn’t agree. Some said the lather started to chip and fall off and when customer service was contacted the company blamed the customer and have yet to really take action. Here’s one review below:

If I could give 0 stars, I would. I was VERY disappointed as I ordered a ‘leather’ phone case. After having the phone case for 3 days, the bottom corners started to chip and fall apart. I contacted TDE, and they blamed it on me and asked 101 questions, yet I am still waiting for a response to what can be done. I will NEVER order again with the terrible experience and unprofessional workers they have.

The Daily Edited phone case review

Reviews on Product Review

The next site I visited was the product review site. To be honest, there weren’t many good reviews on the site. I looked thoroughly through the site and I saw very few good reviews. Here’s one:

Their products are amazing quality and great prices! The phone cases are super stylish accessories to coordinate with different outfits, but also really protective (which is an added bonus). I have a few different colours on rotation! Also, I would like to add how perfect this brand is for gifts. It’s my go-to when I need a gift for a girlfriend, my mum, and husband! Couldn’t recommend it more highly!!

All the not so good reviews complained about the quality of the phone case leather, customer service and many more.

TDE phone case review

Last Words on TDE phone cases

After reading all the different what different buyers have had to say, I will say that it looks like TDE phone cases are a mixed bag. You might want to take a chance on The Daily Edited and buy their cases. You can also get better quality and cheaper phone cases elsewhere. No company is perfect, and TDE might have a lot of work to do to improve on customer satisfaction.

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