Google Chrome’s New Features Offer An Improved User Experience

Google Chrome is taking steps to improve its performance and has introduced a couple of new features to up its efficiency. Google is improving tab grouping, which will let users visually distinguish tabs and collapse or expand them accordingly.

The improvements in the tab grouping are expected to cut page load time by 10 percent, as well as improve memory and battery savings. A couple of these features are still in beta mode, with the rest expected to roll out gradually to all users.

Google Chrome gets New version with improved performance

The search giant has announced that two new improvements should make Google Chrome faster. The first is Tab Throttling, which will help reduce the impact of idle tabs, and the other is the Profile Guided Optimization feature which will deliver up to 10 percent faster page loads.

Google is also bringing tab previews, which lets users hover over a tab and swiftly spot the thumbnail preview of that page. This feature is currently available in only beta and may make its way to the public domain soon.

Finally, Android users will get an upgraded URL sharing that lets them quickly copy a link and send it to the Google Chrome browser on other devices. These new features from Google are geared towards providing a better experience for users and ensuring that they enjoy every second of the time they spend surfing the internet.



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  1. Mr Moe good day sir, thenks for this info but soon I stop using chrome browser on my device. It can suck and overload phone ram management.

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