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The most popular cell phone in America in 2021

The mobile phone market in the US is largely polarised between two top brands and a handful of much smaller players. The top two control about 80% of the market in terms of sales. And it is from one of these two that the most popular cell phone in America in 2021 springs from.


As far as sales go, iPhone 12 Pro Max was the most popular cell phone in the US for most of the year 2021. Research company, Statista, reported that as of April 2021, Americans preferred the top iPhone model above all other phones on sale in the country.

The most popular cell phone in America in 2021

It accounted for 13% of cell phone sales in the country, a significant figure, considering that the USA is awash with scores of mobile phone models that include prominent names like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Google, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, TCL, CAT, and BLU, among others.

Even more impressive is the fact that Statista says that the top iPhone models all put together make up a whopping 36% of sales in the country.


Counterpoint puts Apples share of the US market in Q1 2021 at 55%, and Samsung’s at 28%. Samsung is the 2nd largest smartphone brand in the country. Together, Apple and Samsung own the vast majority of the US cell phone market.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro is the most popular smartphone in America in 2021
Apple iPhone 12 Pro is the most popular cell phone in America in 2021

The top 5 best selling smartphone brands in America in 2021

Listed below are the best selling phone brands in the United States as of 2021.

  1. Apple
  2. Samsung
  3. LG
  4. Motorola
  5. Google Pixel

It is also noteworthy that this year, LG announced its exit from the smartphone business. LG, along with a handful of others, was a key player in the entry-level smartphone market in the USA, holding 3rd place as at 2021.

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Brands like Motorola, Nokia, and OnePlus will scramble to take LG’s place in the market. Each of these brands hold less than 4% market share.

As popular as Xiaomi is in many other regions of the world, the brand is a niche player in the USA.

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