I cannot be the only person who is tired of having to remember dozens of unique passwords for dozens of digital estate that I own or manage. Which is why I am convinced that at some point in time, the password must die.


  1. Until that day comes, using a password Manager like RememBear or LastPass is it.

    However, I am not courageous enough to include banking login parameters in that mix.

  2. I just pray and hope that day comes, because there’s no way I can carry all my apps password in my brain, so I had to write them in a note book and keep it away from anyone not to see it.

  3. You’re definitely not alone in this wish. As for me, I just resort to password resets. I cannot come and kill myself

  4. Common issue where a lot of techies and business people tend to face issues.

    But to every advantage there is an equal or proportionate disadvantage.

    It’s the bane of the digital world we now live in…

  5. Im still comfortable using passwords ..using emoji is what I am not so sure of.

  6. It’s a lot of stress trying to remember password for different digital components, knowingly fully well that’s it’s not advisable to use a universal password. But some how i manage to survive. Something new in that respect will be good for us all.

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