Which smartphone has the highest screen-to-body ratio?

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If we were to throw the question, Which smartphone has the highest screen-to-body ratio? to the general public, the most common answer would probably be, “iPhone X” But that would be a wrong answer.

A bezel is the frame around the display of a cell phone. In recent times, we have seen the rise of bezel-less phones. In truth, they are not 100% bezel-less, as there is still a frame around the display of all existing phones, but the term “bezel-less” has been adopted to refer to phones with less bezels. The smaller the bezels, the higher the screen-to-body ratio of the phone.

In other words, a smartphone with a higher screen-to-body proportion has more efficient use of space on its front end. There is more screen to use and a narrower frame to hold. Usually, low-end phones have the biggest bezels, meaning that most bezel-less smartphones are high-end. The image below is that of a phone with huge bezels.

Infinix Zero 2 has huge bezels and low screen-to-body ratio
Huge bezels mean a lower screen-to-body proportion. Smaller bezels result in a higher ratio.

We have seen a few cheap bezel-less smartphones though, like the Alcatel 3C, Lenovo k320t, and Panasonic Eluga C.

If we were to throw the question, Which smartphone has the highest screen-to-body ratio? to the general public, the most common answer would probably be, “Apple iPhone X”. But that would be a wrong answer, regardless of how many people think so.

We bring you a definitive list of some of the smartphones with the highest screen-to-body proportions in first quarter 2018. It is an interesting list!

Smartphones with the highest screen-to-body ratio

This is a countdown from the number 5 spot all the way up to the first position where the smartphone with the highest screen-to-body proportion sits. Let’s go.

5. 82.9% screen-to-body proportion

Yes; Apple’s iPhone X is one of the phones with the highest screen-to-body ratio. But it is in the number 5 spot on the list, meaning that there are quite a number of other smartphones with a higher screen-to-body ratio.

4. 83.2% screen-to-body ratio

A number of flagships from 2017 jointly occupy this position and they include Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. They have one of the highest screen-to-body ratio on a smartphone today

3. 83.6% Screen-to-body ratio

Smartphones from Mobile World Congress 2018 dominate this space. They include the Samsung Galaxy S9, Asus Zenfone 5 and Asus Zenfone 5Z. Another phone sharing this spot is the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

2. 84.2% screen-to-body ratio

The newly-announced Samsung Galaxy S9+ has an 84.2% ratio, beating last year’s S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 by small margins. It has one of the very highest screen-to-body ratio around on a phone today.

1. 84.9% screen-to-body ratio

With an 84.9 percent ratio, the Essential Phone has the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone in existence now.

Essential phone 1 has one of the highest screen-to-body ratio

The Essential phone was also the first smartphone with a display notch, which was later popularised by the Apple iPhone X, and is now spreading like wildfire among other smartphones.

It is very likely though that a mobile brand will announce a phone with a higher ratio than the Essential’s 84.9% this year.

A number of smartphone brands are hard at work to reduce the bezels on their devices some more. And then, we will have this list updated. It is a bezel-less world we live in and one day, technology will be advanced enough to give us a 99% screen-to-body ratio.

Please help us keep this list up-to-date: alert us of new phones that belong on this list of the highest screen-to-body ratio phones.

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  1. Is this available in the Nigerian market?? I have not seen it

  2. The more higher ratio this bezel-less is, the more fragile these phones are, So one need to be very careful when using a phone like that. Is this Essential phone available in Nigeria?

  3. Its a good right up…technologies today gets overthrown tomorrow…. Bazel-less is the talk of the town now

  4. Is it only me that dislikes the so called ‘notch’ on these new phones.

    Frankly, don’t see the point of it

  5. From bezel less, we will dovetail to GLASS FULL.. Can someone ever run with technology at the same pace. Before i mention Jack Robinson this list will have been updated by the growing trend.

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